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Board Policy Handbook - Foreword
Policy 01 Foundation Statements
Policy 02 Role of the Board
Policy 02-1 Appendix: Annual Board Self-Evaluation Template
Policy 03 Role of the Trustee
Policy 04 Trustee Code of Ethics
Policy 05 Breaches by a Trustee
Policy 06 Role of the Board Chair
Policy 07 Role of the Vice-Chair
Policy 08 Board Operations
Policy 09 Board Governance Work Plan
Policy 09-1 Appendix: Board Governance Work Plan 2018-19
Policy 10 Trustee Honorarium and Disclosure
Policy 11 Transparency in Remuneration and Expenses
Policy 12 Board Committees and Board Representatives to Committees
Policy 12-1 Appendix: Board Committees and Board Representatives to Committees
Policy 13 Policy Development
Policy 14 Communications
Policy 15 Appeals Regarding Student Matters
Policy 16 Appeals Regarding Teacher Matters
Policy 17 Appeals Regarding Transportation Matters
Policy 18 Delegations to the Board
Policy 19 Delegation of Authority
Policy 20 Clearview Community Awards
Policy 20-1 Appendix: Clearview Community Awards Nomination Package
Policy 21 Role of the Superintendent
Policy 21-1 Appendix: Superintendent Evaluation Process, Criteria & Timelines
Policy 21-2 Appendix: Superintendent Performance Assessment Guide
Policy 21-3 Appendix: Interview Guide - Leadership Practices
Policy 22 Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Environments
Policy 23 Distributed Leadership
Policy 24 Learning Calendar
Policy 25 Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection)
Policy 26 Financial Allocation Model
Policy 27 Signing Authorities
Policy 28 Purchasing Oversight
Policy 29 Student Transportation
Policy 30 Facilities
Policy 31 Fees for Schools and Transportation