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801 Right to Access Education Programs
802 Student Attendance
803A Student Assessment and Reporting
803B Student Assessment and Reporting
804 Student Health Matters
804-1 Request For Assistance To Administer Medication -Personal Care
804-2 Student Medication Monitoring Log
804A - Administering Medications to Students
804B - Life Threatening Allergies / Serious Medical Conditions
804C - Emergency Medical Care
805 Promotion and Retention of Students
806 Student Suspensions
807 Illegal Substances
808A Inspections Interrogations and Searches
808B Inspections Interrogations and Searches
809 Youth Criminal Justice Act
810 Right of Access
811 Adult Education
812 Safe Grad
813 Foreign Students
814 Student Union Funds
815 Communicable Diseases
816 Student Records
817 Student Use of Personal Electronic Devices
818 Service Dog
819 Corporal Punishment
820 Concussion Protocols
820-1 Concussion Guidelines For Athletes
820-10 Medical Information Form
820-11 Documentation of Concussion Monitoring - Medical Examination
820-2 Concussion Guidelines For Coaches
820-3 Concussion Guidelines For Parents
820-4 Concussion Guidelines For Teachers
820-5 Concussion Recognition Tool
820-6 Parent Guide To Dealing With Concussions
820-7 Physical Activity Letter to Parents
820-8 Parent Permission and Acknowledgement of Risk Form
820-9 Documentation for a Diagnosed Concussion - Return to Learn & Return to Physical Activity Plan
850 Student Transfers
851 Graduation Scholarships / Student Awards
852 Student Safety
853 Emergency Medical Aid
853-1 Request For Assistance To Administer Medication Form
854 Students Requiring Specialized Health Services
855 Appealing a School Decision