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Clearview Students Continue to Do Well in Provincial Tests

Clearview has received their provincial test results, satisfaction surveys from parents, students and staff, and graduation rates, with results showing its efforts to ensure all students succeed are being effective.

Clearview is very pleased to report that its graduation and school completion rates is one of the highest in the province at 81.5% compared to the provincial average of 76.4%.

On provincial achievement tests for grades 6 and 9, Clearview students have shown consistent improvement in both the standards of acceptable and excellence. Comparing Clearview’s 2015 and 2016 school year results against Clearview results from previous years, the division saw increases in the number of grade six and nine students achieving acceptable level as well as the level of excellence,

“Our emphasis on ensuring Clearview is a first choice learning environment is making a difference,” says Superintendent Peter Barron. “We have focused our school and division professional development on improving academic results, as well as ensuring parent, staff and student satisfaction remains high. We are also working on intervention strategies for students at risk. All of these efforts combine to have a positive impact for our students.”  

Clearview saw significant improvement in student results compared to the province.

Strengthening achievement in Grade 12 diploma exams continues to be a priority in Clearview.   The number of students qualifying for Rutherford scholarships exceeds 65.4% and the provincial rate is 61.2%.  Clearview credits growth in student success to strategies which have increased technology in the classroom and enhanced supports for students.

Clearview continues to have student participation rates that are higher than provincial average on diploma exams showing Clearview works to include all of its students, giving each child an opportunity to succeed.

Speaking on the satisfaction surveys, “Clearview is pleased that parents, staff and students continue to report that our schools are safe,” says Board Chair Cheri Neitz. “Feeling safe is a critical foundation for learning. Parents also tell us we’re doing a great job preparing students to be solid citizens. As a Board, we appreciate the efforts of our staff, and we will continue to work together to ensure all students are successful.”

Clearview has a goal of improving communication with parents this year, knowing that parents who are involved in their children’s education can make a tremendous difference for students.

Readers can click HERE to view the full report.