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Clearview Stars!

Clearview Public Schools is proud to celebrate and share out a "star" member of our team who is helping our students succeed:

Meet Renee Lepard!  Renee is one of our great secretaries, and is part of Erskine School. 

Renee began at the school as a Teacher’s Aide and then started working in the office.  She has been with Clearview for six years.

Renee grew up in Vegreville, Alberta and now lives on a farm in the Erskine area.  She went to the University of Lethbridge and graduated with a degree in Urban Planning.

Renee and her husband Jim have 3 children: Michael (who now resides in Scotland), Steven (who is attending Olds College), and Sydney (who attends Erskine School).  Renee also enjoys gardening, being outdoors, curling and travelling.

Thank you Renee for the work you do, and for being part of the Clearview team!