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“Clearview Public Schools is Making the Grade in Health and Wellness” is a healthy read!

The latest edition of “Leaders & Learners”, a publication by the Canadian Association of School System Administrators, includes an article which highlights the health and wellness initiatives in Clearview.  

Brenda MacDonald, Deputy Superintendent of Clearview Public Schools, submitted an article to the magazine that was chosen for the Winter 2016-2017 edition. The theme for the edition is “Healthy Students, Healthy Communities, Healthy Futures”.

Clearview Public Schools is implementing changing strategies to support both staff and students. This momentum was possible because of the committed members of the Board Trustees, Alberta Health Services, Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan coordinators, and many Central Office representatives, all of whom have a strong desire to positively impact staff and students in the area of health and wellness, through the guidance of the “Health and Wellness Committee”.

“Although the staff and student health and wellness initiatives are in their infancy, we have seen immediate and positive results. Employees and students have noticed that Clearview is showing concern for their health and well-being. There is a genuine appreciation for the small incentives and self-directed and school-focused projects,” stated Deputy Superintendent MacDonald in the article.

Superintendent Peter Barron says, “Clearview's wellness initiative is a "good news" story. This article recognizes and celebrates our collective effort to ensure our students and staff are healthy. Kudos to Brenda MacDonald, Deputy Superintendent, and the committee for their hard work and dedication.”

Readers can access the article HERE.

Readers can access the full magazine, Leaders & Learners, HERE.

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