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Mental Health Week Activities!

Clearview Public Schools, under the guidance and support from the Family School Liaison Workers and the CARS Mental Health Capacity Building Team are providing various activities throughout the week to help promote mental health awareness.

Some of the site based school activities include:

Friendship Benches:

Two benches will be painted by YCAT and the School Culture group. These benches serve as permanent, physical, and year-round reminders to students to take a moment out of their day to sit, breathe, and talk (or think) about their mental health and that of their friends. It’s intended to inspire peer-to-peer conversations about mental health in order to reduce the stigma and encourage more students seek help. Simple acts of kindness carry a lot of weight.

1 in 5 Campaign:

Emerald green t-shirts reading 1-in-5 across the front to visually represents how many Canadians are affected by Mental Illness. That’s 150 students in W. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus (WEHSSC)  that may be impacted. Thank you to Madison Bauman, a Grade 11 student at WEHSSC, for her contribution in spearheading this endeavor, and to those who sponsored the t-shirts, including the W. E. Hay Students Union, Town of Stettler council members, and the CARS (Children and Adolescents being Resilient and Self-Regulating) program.

Mindful Mondays:

Beginning on Monday, May 1 we would like to do a trial-run of Mindful Mondays where students who are interested (or recommended by staff) can participate in a mindful exercise at either recess in the music room on Mondays.

Student Appreciation BBQ:

Join us on Tuesday, May 2nd at lunch. We will have hot dogs, veggies, and juice for the Stettler Elementary School students and staff.

Stop, Drop, and Dance:

“Get Loud” for mental health. Music plays briefly over the intercom randomly throughout the day for a brief, 60-second dance party on Wednesday, May 3.

Hats On for Mental Health Day:

On Wednesday, May 3, all students are encouraged to wear a hat in support of mental wellness.

Let’s Chalk About It:

Wellness messages will also be displayed around the school and in the school Memo. In addition, students from W. E. Hay YCAT, grade 9 PE, and Psychology 20 will be presenting projects and information at the Wellness Fair on May 4 after school, to students at SES, Erskine School, Botha School, and Christ-King School. CARS staff from the Clearview’s Mental Health Capacity Building Initiative will be presenting at the Wellness Fair, and visiting the grade 7 and 8 classrooms with information and activities around supporting mental wellness.

Free Movies at the Jewel Theatre (Friday, May 5th):

Movie for Clearview Staff: Paper Tigers -  9:30 a.m.

Movie for students and parents: Inside Out - 2:00 p.m. (activities at 1:00 p.m.)

For a complete list of activities at your school please contact your FSL and/or CARS MHCB Team.