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Clearview Stars!

Clearview Public Schools #CSD71 is proud to celebrate and share out a "star" member of our team who is helping our students succeed.

Meet Wendy Dunkle a Clearview employee for over 50 years. She currently teaches at Gus Wetter School, and lives on a ranch in the Castor area where she and her husband Gary farm and raise cattle.

“Over the years my teaching career has involved many subject areas and grade levels where I have been fortunate to work with a vast array of students and colleagues - a most rewarding experience overall!!”

Teaching has always kept Wendy busy, but she has also invested time volunteering with youth groups and 4-H clubs as well as enjoying outdoor activities, horseback riding, gardening and the grandkids.

Thank you Wendy for the work you do, and for being part of the Clearview team!