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Consultation on Policy 31 Fees for Schools and Transportation

Consultation on Policy Changes

On June 15, 2017, the Board of Trustees approved for consultation a new policy titled "Policy 31 Fees for Schools and Transportation".

On June 6, 2017, the Minister of Education enacted the regulations for school fees and transportation fees following the implementation of Bill 1.  As part of the requirements, school divisions must have a board policy for school fees and transportation fees that contains the information required under the regulations.    For a copy of the regulations, please see

School fees and transportation fees will continue under the new regulations and in 2017-18.  Schools are currently developing their recommendations for fees for next year.  Transportation fees will continue in 2017-18 unchanged, including fees for school of choice, in-town services, and yard services.

Schools may continue to assess a fee to legal guardians for many areas, including:

  • Bulk Supply Purchase Fee for Legal Guardians

  • Fees for Optional Courses

  • Non-Curricular Travel

  • Full Day Kindergarten

  • Extracurricular Fees, including Sports Teams and Cultural

  • Field Trips

  • Non-Curricular Goods and Services, including:

    • Agenda Books

    • ADLC Refundable Deposits

    • Fitness Centre

    • Library

    • Locker Rental

    • Locks

    • Student Union

    • Student Identification

    • Uniforms

Basic instructional fees (such as textbook fees) are no longer charged for 2017-18.

In accordance with Policy 13 Policy Development, the draft policy is provided for consultation.

Feedback, if any, can be directed by E-mail to Please provide any feedback before or on Wednesday, June 28, 2017.