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Don’t miss out on school messages!

Clearview Public Schools uses the SchoolMessenger notification service to send important information to families through phone calls and E-mails.

Starting Wednesday, October 11, Clearview is pleased to share that we will be able to use the SchoolMessenger system to send out text messages on important messages, absence reporting, and school incident notifications.

As part of the implementation towards improving communications with parents and guardians, further enhancements in the future (that will be an advantage with text messaging) include a Clearview phone application and bus service notifications.

To comply with wireless carrier requirements and protect against unsolicited text messages, all phone numbers in our student information database will receive a text message requesting that you "opt-in" to receive important information from the Clearview via our SMS text messaging service.

The message you receive will come from our 'short code' 978338.

So that you may continue to receive these important messages, we encourage you to reply with "Y" or "Yes" when you receive such a verification message. If you do not reply, you will not receive any further text messages from Clearview.

While we will try to minimize calls to landlines, we apologize in advance if this does occur in error.

Please check with your wireless carrier for information about your mobile service plan and any possible charges related to text messaging. Clearview does not reimburse for any charges associated with sending or receiving text messages.