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Clearview students do well in Alberta tests.

Overall, Clearview Public Schools’ Diploma and Provincial Achievement Test (PAT) results are very positive.  

Clearview continues to be the first choice for student learning, showcased in the results in the accountability measures and expected intervention strategies for students at risk, along with a focus on school and division professional development.

“Our staff are committed to do what is best for all students,” comments Peter Barron, Superintendent.  “I am proud to share how this commitment is reflected in our results, and that Clearview is providing an excellent and safe place for students to learn.”


In 2016-2017, Clearview results are very positive.  The students in the school division showed strong achievement in Provincial Achievement Tests in both Grades 6 and 9.  Clearview’s achievement is higher than the provincial averages in most subject areas.

Clearview is consistently above provincial average in ACCEPTABLE.  

  • In Grade 6, Clearview averages 3% higher than provincial average.  

  • In Grade 9, Clearview averages 4.4% higher than the provincial average.  

  • Mathematics was impressive in Grade 6, Clearview was 6.9% higher than the province.  

  • In Grade 9, Clearview was 12.4% higher than the province.  

Clearview did well in comparison to the province, and will be working to increase the number of students receiving excellence.


Overall, Clearview Diploma results are positive, with the gap narrowing between the provincial average and Clearview’s Diploma Exam marks.  In addition, in comparing with ourselves from 2016, there have been marked improvements in both January and June in Chemistry, ELA 30-1, and Social Studies 30-1.   There is a very positive upward trajectory.  

“Where we are strong, I would like to be stronger; and where there are opportunities for growth, we are ready for improvement,” shared Superintendent Barron.  “Starting last year, and a real focus for this year, we will be working with teachers to ensure they have the supports needed to have our high school results be among the best in Alberta.”

Clearview continues to have a high student participation rate on diploma exams evident this year in 5/9 subjects above the province in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, English 30-2, Social Studies 30-1 and Social Studies 30-2.  


The Accountability Pillar is showing some positive gains from 2016, and received high achievement in safe and caring, citizenship and parental involvement.

Clearview performed excellent in high school completion rate (3 yr) of 82.3% and was significantly higher than the province, with the dropout rate decreasing from 2016 to 3.3%.  The six-year transition rate increased from 58.5% to 63.9% and was better than province.      

The number of students qualifying for Rutherford scholarships is 59.7%, near the provincial rate of 62.3%.

In the areas of achievement, Clearview is doing well:

  • Student Learning Achievement (PAT Acceptable) is 76.4% and is above the province by 3%.  

  • Student Learning Achievement (Diploma Acceptable) improved by 4.3% from 2016.  

  • Clearview’s Diploma Acceptable for 2017 is 76.9%.   

“Overall, Clearview is making positive improvements in many areas, including: student learning achievement, student learning opportunities, preparation for lifelong learning, world of work, citizenship, and parental involvement,” - Superintendent Barron.

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