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Clearview goes “Green” in Schools

Recycling is available in all Clearview schools starting December 1.

School is the perfect place to practice recycling and waste reduction. Students who learn about waste and recycling in their classrooms will be able to teach their families about how to minimize waste, and be the future leaders in conservation.

Most of our schools have been recycling beverage containers for many years. Some teachers and schools have already been doing recycling for as a site or classroom initiative, and this new initiative will help and support those efforts by having a common recycling program for all schools and Clearview sites.

The division is entering a recycling and waste management contract with Can Pak Environmental Inc.  Through the support of Clearview, all of our schools will be able recycling more, including the recycling of paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, metal, and cardboard.  Each classroom will have recycling containers for all acceptable recyclables.  Research shows that up to 50 per cent of the waste from schools can be diverted away from landfills through recycling programs.

Students and staff have shown that they care about the environment, and students will be encouraged to take leadership roles in helping their school develop recycling programs. Recycling programs provide students with hands-on experience that help them see that their efforts makes a difference.

“Our students are eager to help the environment. With some initial guidance from the staff, we hope the students will take the lead and continue to expand the recycling program,” said Superintendent Barron.