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Superintendent's Message - February 2018

2018 is well underway, and February is typically a month with close connections to the heart.  Of course, Valentine’s Day increases sales in flowers and chocolates, but more importantly this celebration reminds us of the importance of our loved ones. Chocolates bring fleeting pleasure, but our close ties with family and friends create lasting happiness.  

Our family and friends provide us all with connections and promote resilience: the ability to keep going when times are tough.  Resilience is also about the ability to recharge when circumstances zap our energies.  We create resilience in children when we ensure they are well nourished and have had ample sleep.  

Pink Shirt Day - February 28

In February, we demonstrate our need to work together to promote healthy relationships and prevent bullying.  Being proactive in preventing bullying means we accept shared responsibility for creating and maintaining learning and work environments that are safe and welcoming for all students, their families and staff. On February 28, we invite you to show your commitment to ensure our world respects diversity and foster a sense of belonging by:

·       wearing pink on February 28;

·       using social media with the hashtag #PinkShirtDay; and

·       organizing and participating in Pink Shirt Day events.

Resources for promoting Pink Shirt Day 2018 are available at

For more information on welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments, please visit the Alberta Education website at


Peter Barron, Superintendent
403 742 3331