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Superintendent's Message

According to the calendar, spring is here. The snow is slowly melting; the days are getting longer; and geese have been seen in the sky. These are definitely signs that more stable spring weather must be just around the corner.  As well, we’re entering what I like to call the fastest month of the school year “Aprilmayjune”. Activities abound in all of our schools. Spring is especially busy as we work hard to finish one year while maintaining a focus on plans for the next.

Clearview Public School phone app

Clearview Public Schools is creating an easy to use phone app for parents, students and staff.  A soft launch was done in March, and we expect to have this finalized for all communities in April.  

As well, we are in the process of having all regular teachers access the employee portal for the app. Once legal guardians and parents install the SchoolMessenger (blue) app, they will be able to adjust their settings for call outs by which number and by which method (phone, text or email) for Attendance, General, Survey or Emergency.

Teachers and parents will be able to use SchoolMessenger (and the Clearview App) for SchoolMessenger communications, email and texting. Schools using “Remind” can continue to do so if they prefer, with the goal that all schools will be using SchoolMessenger starting 2018-19. To view or download the incoming Clearview app, click here.

Policy 22 “Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Environments”

Policy 22 “Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Environments” has been updated with changes in accordance with Alberta Government legislation. To see the updated policy, click here.  

Stettler Trade Show - April 13-15, 2018

The Board of Trustees will have a Clearview Public Schools booth at the Stettler Trade Show. The Board invites people to come visit them at Booth #98 in the Red Arena. Showcased this year will be technology devices such as z-Space (virtual reality technology for education) and C-Pen (a reader pen scanner for students with reading difficulties).  Information about the 2018-19 Start Right Playschool and Kindergarten will also be available at the Trade Show.

Peter Barron, Superintendent
403 742 3331