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Students in high school to receive more supports for graduation

Clearview Public Schools and Wolf Creek Public Schools are starting a new partnership in 2018 and 2019 to provide more supports for high school students to be successful in graduation and diploma exams.

Mr. Korey Von Kuster has been selected as the Learning Services Coordinator to work collaboratively between Clearview Public Schools and Wolf Creek Public School.   

Starting officially in August, this position is a result of a shared partnership between both school divisions to support high school curriculum programs using the Enhanced Learning Model. Korey was selected from a broad range of strong applicants from across Alberta and BC.

Together, Wolf Creek Public Schools and Clearview Public Schools is excited about the supports that Korey Von Kuster will assist schools within curriculum supports and diploma preparation supports.  Along with building more capacity to support success in high schools, Korey will also be assisting in coordinating “Rock the Diploma” and supporting high school curriculum programs using the Enhanced Learning Model.

This shared staff position between Clearview and Wolf Creek is designed to support high school students, teachers and programs with equitable curriculum delivery and program offerings in schools. Through using teacher-developed digital materials, Korey will be assisting teachers with offering flexible, rich content delivery while also coordinating and analyzing specific diploma preparation supports.

“We are very pleased to enter this partnership with Wolf Creek.  Both Wolf Creek and Clearview have demonstrated leadership in addressing the needs of small high schools in rural Alberta,” shared Peter Barron, Superintendent.  “Leveraging the skills of each school division makes sense, and together we believe both will benefit. We look forward to welcoming Korey to Clearview and building a stronger bond with our colleagues in Wolf Creek.”

Throughout the past 18 years, Korey has worked as an educator and a school administrator both as an Assistant Principal at Eckville Junior-Senior High School as well as the Principal of the Wolf Creek Summer School program. During that time he has worked with staff in a number of coaching roles focused on curriculum, instruction, assessment and technology. Throughout his work in Wolf Creek, Korey demonstrates strong interpersonal skills, enthusiasm for learning and teaching and a strong work ethic combined with a deep commitment to working directly with colleagues to support student needs.

“I am excited to be working with both Clearview and Wolf Creek to share, grow and expand flexible High School learning models.  I look forward to investing in the staff and students of our schools and confident that we can make a positive difference to the education and goals of all of our students.” says Mr. Von Kuster about this new opportunity.

“Korey’s style and approach brings so many excellent interpersonal skills to this role. His background as an original content creator of the resources within the Enhanced Learning Model, previous work with video conference programs, strong student academic results in coursework and effective leadership skills as a school administrator will be a great asset to staff in both school divisions. We look forward to his people/student-centered approach that complements the existing work within our team,” states Mark McWhinnie, WCPS Assistant Superintendent.