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Learning is a Journey...It’s Education Week!

The theme for Education Week is "Learning is a Journey".

Clearview Public Schools celebrates the success of our students, and the hard work of all Clearview staff.  School boards are committed to creating an inspired future for every child. Students get a broad range of learning to create lifelong learners…students who are creative and critical thinkers.  

School boards connect with communities to teach community values and citizenship skills.  Find out how the week is celebrated, and get involved: contact your local community school.

  • Alberta has been celebrating Education Week for over 75 years. It was established by the teaching profession to give Albertans an opportunity to celebrate education and its importance to society.

  • Today, more than ever, teachers are committed to creating an inspired future for every child. Teachers and their professional organization, the Alberta Teachers’ Association, are working hard with education partners to ensure that students have optimal learning conditions.

  • To be lifelong learners, students must have ingenuity, creativity, critical thinking skills, and citizenship skills.

  • Students need a broad range of learning experiences that go beyond the basic subjects of math, language arts, science and social studies. Schools, while preparing students for a diversity of possible futures, must also ensure students experience the joy of learning while at school.