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Introducing a new way to communicate!

The Clearview App and SchoolMessenger App for iOS and Android now available!  New tools set to increase communication to parents from schools.

Clearview Public Schools is excited to now share the Clearview App for iOS and Android phones.  The new application will allow parents to directly access information on Clearview and schools using your phone or tablet device.

Features of the new Clearview App includes:

  • Access school calendars for any school
  • Access bus route information, including cancellations and delays
  • Change how Clearview communicates with you for E-mail, phone or text
  • Find information on Clearview Spotlights
  • Receive all SchoolMessenger communications on your phone
  • Access the “Parent Portal”, including information on schools fees and to log into the on-line payment of school fees

Included with the Clearview App is the SchoolMessenger App, a companion application.  Once the companion app is installed, parents will be able to receive all messages on their phone from schools and teachers.  

Parents will also be able to adjust their settings for school and teacher communications, and select which number and by which method (phone, text or E-mail) for Attendance, General, Survey or Emergency.  

Note parents MUST have provided their cell number AND E-mail to Clearview as contact information to use the SchoolMessenger App.  Please contact your school if you need to provide this.

To download the SchoolMessenger App, click on “Messages” (second screen) after installing the Clearview App.  Once installed, parents will also now be able to choose how they receive messages: for example, if a parent prefers E-mail instead of voice for attendance calls, they can now select this themselves.

To download the Clearview App, click HERE.

To download the SchoolMessenger App directly, click HERE (iOS) or HERE (Android).