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Superintendent's Message

May is yet another busy month in our schools.  High schools are finalizing graduation ceremonies.  School administrators are working on budgets, and our teachers are starting to prepare students for final exams.  

Clearview Public Schools is excited to announce a partnership with Wolf Creek Public Schools in 2018 and 2019 to provide more supports for high school students to be successful in course completion and diploma exams. Mr. Korey Von Kuster has been selected as the Learning Services Coordinator to work collaboratively between the two school divisions. In addition, Rock the Diploma sessions are being offered free of charge to help our Grade 12 students prepare for the June diploma exams. For more information, please contact your high school.

Education Week was celebrated the first week of May. Clearview Public Schools acknowledges  the success of our students, and the hard work of all Clearview staff.  

Many activities happened in and around schools to promote mental health awareness during Mental Health Week (May 7th - 13th).

School bus driver appreciation day was May 7th. Students, parents and Clearview staff recognize the important function that school bus drivers serve. Thank you to all Clearview bus drivers for your dedication, patience and commitment to safety! To help educate the public on what to do when the red lights are flashing on a school bus, the Student Transportation Association of Alberta (STAA) has released a public service announcement. To view the 2 minute video, please click here.

The Clearview phone app has been officially launched along with a companion app, School Messenger. Click here for more information.