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Get Ready To Turn Your Summer Upside Down

Join us for an informative and entertaining evening on real life topics for real life situations with Dr. Jody Carrington.

The most powerful parents: strengthening the relationship between our babes, our partners and ourselves. We will spend an evening together talking about the power of the relationship with our children and how connection—no matter what age— can be the most powerful tool we have and (sometimes) the hardest thing to do. Expect an evening of laughter and stories, while we understand how attachment and connection to our babes and our partners will give our children the most important skill they will ever learn, how to be kind and connected people we can be proud of.  

Dr. Jody Carrington is a Clinical Psychologist who has spent most of her career working with children and families who have experienced trauma.  She is honoured and humbled to be a part of such a powerful conference. She has developed an expertise, and more importantly, a passion for understanding the power in attachments to those who mean the most to you, particularly for those who are working through and living with trauma.  Jody has worked with police officers and other emergency services personnel and their families. For 10 years, she worked on the Mental Health Inpatient Units of the Alberta Children’s Hospital, where she became a believer in the power of the relationship in assisting children and their families who are struggling with emotional dysregulation and trauma histories.  Most recently, she has focused her efforts in private practice and is inspired by the stories she is invited to become a part of.

Jody has come to understand the power of the relationship. She believes it is never too late to repair relationships, regain influence and to develop (or redevelop) strong and meaningful relationships.

This is a free evening sponsored by Clearview Public Schools and Stettler Regional Early Child Development Committee on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 7:00 PM at the Stettler Performing Arts Centre.

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