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Clearview Public Schools enters historic agreement with Wolf Creek Public Schools

This historic agreement focuses on curriculum delivery using the Enhanced Learning Model and diploma preparation supports provided in collaboration between Wolf Creek Public Schools and Clearview Public Schools to support nearly 2000 high school students. Senior leadership and board chairs from both school divisions were present at a special partnership meeting and were available to answer questions about this unique partnership opportunity between the two school divisions. The partnership meeting took place at Clearview Public Schools central office on June 20, 2018.

The Enhanced Learning Model (ELM) is a “made in Wolf Creek” approach to supporting High School ReDesign needs for students in Grade 10-12. This has been particularly useful at small rural high schools to support the delivery of curriculum but has also been utilized at larger high schools to support flexible course delivery. Utilizing this approach requires a shift from a traditional delivery model to a more facilitated model which integrates multiple technologies to enhance and support learning for high school students as a response to the provincial High School ReDesign work. These courses are designed not to replace a teacher but to be facilitated and/or used in conjunction with traditional instructional delivery in a flexible learning environment meeting the unique needs of a variety of students. These courses are also not designed to be delivered as a standalone online course without teacher involvement. Teachers using these materials are still responsible for the achievement of the outcomes, remediation, additional instruction, clarification, deepening, accommodations, extension activities and marking. During the two year implementation of the Enhanced Learning Model Courses in conjunction with diploma preparation strategies, significant increases have been made to high school completion results in Wolf Creek. Clearview Public Schools is now joining together with Wolf Creek Public Schools to offer this model of support to high school students.

Mr. Korey Von Kuster has been appointed as the Learning Services Coordinator to work collaboratively between Clearview Public Schools (CSD71) and Wolf Creek Public School (WCPS72).   Starting officially in August 2018, this position is a result of a shared partnership between the two school boards to support high school curriculum programs in the High School Redesign Model using the WCPS developed Enhanced Learning Model. Mr. Von Kuster was selected from a broad range of strong applicants from across Alberta and BC.

This shared-staff position between Clearview and Wolf Creek is designed to support high school programs with equitable curriculum delivery and program offerings in schools. Through using teacher developed digital materials, Mr. Von Kuster will be assisting teachers with offering flexible, rich content delivery while also coordinating and analyzing specific diploma preparation supports.

Together, Wolf Creek Public Schools and Clearview Public Schools is excited about the supports that Korey Von Kuster will assist schools within curriculum supports and diploma preparation supports.

As a learning organization, Clearview challenges their staff to grow professionally and works hard to ensure the success of every student. Clearview has continued to grow, develop and demonstrate leadership to other districts through hosting various board and staff professional opportunities. As a rural district, Clearview understands some of the learning challenges associated with small rural schools yet embraces and promotes the rural experience while finding creative ways to ensure the success of every student.

As a neighboring school district, Wolf Creek has been open to working with districts from all over Alberta in sharing best practices related to technology and learning supports. Wolf Creek also believes in supporting all students.

“Wolf Creek is truly honoured and excited to partner with Clearview Public Schools to enhance new and innovative learning opportunities. We look forward to great success for students and staff.” stated Jayson Lovell, Superintendent of Wolf Creek Public Schools.

Lorrie Jess, Board Chair of Wolf Creek Public Schools said, “WCPS Board is super excited about the partnership with Clearview School Division and our ability to offer the Enhanced Learning Model and diploma prep support for your grade 10 - 12 students. We wish your students much success!”

Korey Von Kuster, Learning Services Coordinator between Clearview Public Schools and Wolf Creek Public Schools, shared, “I am honoured to be part of the partnership between Clearview and Wolf Creek School Divisions that will ultimately support all of our students.  I am looking forward to working with more staff in the coming days and months as we embark on this unique journey of learning, teaching and growing.”

“This partnership leverages the skills of two school divisions for the benefit of all of our students.  Small rural schools face unique challenges, and Wolf Creek’s model offers significant potential advantages to address our needs.  Our two school divisions have a history of working together, and this agreement is a natural next step.” said Peter Barron, Superintendent of Clearview Public Schools.

Ken Checkel, Board Chair of Clearview Public Schools shared, “We had a need. Wolf Creek had a program. It is wonderful that we can fill that need for our students and staff with our great neighbouring division.”

For more information, please contact:
Peter Barron, Superintendent, Clearview Public Schools
Brenda MacDonald, Deputy Superintendent, Clearview Public Schools

Pictured above from left to right, back to front:

Deputy Superintendent CPS, Brenda MacDonald, Superintendent CPS, Peter Barron, Board Chair CPS Ken Checkel,  Superintendent WCPS Jayson Lovell, Assistant Superintendent WCPS Mark McWhinnie, Director of Learning WCPS Sean Lougheed, Coordinator of Learning CPS-WCPS Korey Von Kuster, Board Chair WCPS Lorrie Jess

Superintendent CPS Peter Barron shakes hands with Superintendent WCPS Jayson Lovell as they formalize the school district partnership.

Board Chair CPS Ken Checkel and Board Chair WCPS Lorrie Jess commemorate the agreement with an official signed copy of the school district partnership.