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Superintendent's Message

Greetings everyone and a hearty welcome back to our families, staff and students for the 2018-19 school year!

I sincerely hope everyone had a great summer which included quality time with family and friends.  I would like to extend a special welcome to our new families. You’ve joined a school division that is committed to providing an excellent educational experience for every child.  Our motto, “We All Belong - We All Succeed” speaks to two important values in our Division.  The word “belong” reminds us of the inclusive nature of our work.  We accept students of all abilities and shapes and sizes. The word “succeed” highlights that our key function is to ensure students succeed.   Clearview exists to provide the students in our communities with opportunities to grow, to learn and to succeed. We’re in the business of increasing life chances for all, no matter what individual circumstances may be.

Often, the first employee a student meets at the start of the school day is the bus driver.  The warm reception our students receives from him or her lays the groundwork for a successful day.  I’ve witnessed first hand the care which our bus drivers, secretaries, educational assistants, custodians, teachers, family school liaison workers, librarians, and administrators greet and care for the children of our communities.  We know how important building positive relationships are. At the end of the first day, parents universally ask their children the same question. “Do you like your teacher?” As a parent, what I wanted most was for the world to like my children - to accept them for who they are.  

I am looking forward to this year with a lot of enthusiasm as we continually strive to improve.  In June, we signed a partnership agreement with Wolf Creek School Division which will allow us to provide additional online courses to our students.  We will also be offering to students taking diploma courses the opportunity to participate in “Rock the Diploma” sessions at the end of the semester. As well, literacy experts will be working shoulder to shoulder with staff to support instruction.  The government’s “Classroom Improvement Fund” has allowed us to hire additional educational assistants to support our more vulnerable students.

We are always seeking new ways to ensure we have great communication with our families.  As you may know, there are two new apps available to support that goal: the Clearview App and SchoolMessenger App for iOS and Android. These new applications will allow you to directly access information on Clearview and schools using your phone or tablet device.  To download the Clearview App, click here.  To download the SchoolMessenger App directly, click here (iOS).

All the best for a great school year!

Peter Barron, Superintendent