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School Bus Safety

Clearview Public Schools reminds motorists that school is back in session. Motorists can help save a child’s life by obeying road rules around school buses.  When a school bus is flashing its amber lights, slow down and do not pass the bus. 

We rely on more than 48 school buses in our communities to bring our children to and from school every day. The buses are readily recognizable with their bright yellow colour, flashing lights and distinct shape. They carry students of many ages, sizes and stages of development. They make multiple stops, short runs and long runs along rural roads and highways.

The Highway Traffic Act in Alberta states that every driver approaching from both directions towards a school bus that has its overhead red signal-lights flashing, must stop and shall not proceed until the bus moves or the overhead red signal-lights have stopped flashing. It is also worth noting that most school buses are required by law to stop at all railway crossings. Motorists should be prepared to stop.

Motorists abiding by the laws and being vigilant will help ensure that children reach their destinations safely by following these guidelines:

  • Abide by the school bus traffic laws.

  • Keep a watchful eye for children running to catch their bus. They have been known to pay little regard for their own safety and may dart out in traffic.

  • Teach your own children about safe conduct in roadways and on school buses.

Help us keep all of our kids safe this school year!












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