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New year shows enrolment increase!

Clearview Public Schools enrolments are in for 2018-19, showing many positives for the new school year.

At the end of September, enrolments for schools showed an increase of 30 students from last year, or 1.3%, and 11 students higher than projections.

Many of the increases were from kindergarten enrolments which saw a 20% increase or 34 students.  Also, Big Valley School saw an increase of 17% or 14 students and our Hutterite colony schools saw an increase of 7% or 12 students.

For a full list of enrolments for each school, please use the following LINK.

School divisions including the Clearview Public Schools are primarily funded through the enrolment count at the end of September.  More students provide increased funding from the Alberta Government, which helps to provide dollars for the teachers, educational assistants and supplies that support the learning successes for our students and in our communities.


Peter Barron, Superintendent

"We are very pleased that once again parents and students continue to choose Clearview Public Schools, with 30 more students than last year and an 1.3% increase.  The enrolments for 2018-19 are very encouraging.  While some schools did decrease, in general the enrolments went up for many of our schools, showing the trust parents have for the first-choice education we provide.  In particular, we are proud of our early learning program which showed a 20% increase at 34 students.  We are looking forward to a great year!"


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Peter Barron, Superintendent

Peter Neale, Associate Superintendent