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Bringing Stories to Life!

Clearview Public Schools celebrates “Read In Week” October 9 - 12, 2018. The theme for this year is “Challenge Accepted - Bringing Stories to Life”.  

Read In Week is not a program, but rather an opportunity for each school to celebrate reading in any way it chooses. Schools are encouraged to invite community members, parents and grandparents, trustees and central office staff to read to students of any age.  

To connect Read In Week to the upcoming Canada Winter Games, schools are encouraged to not only invite community members into their classrooms, but also the junior high and senior high sport teams into classrooms to read a book all while wearing their school team uniform/jersey. Consider inviting your guests to wear their “team” clothing to get into the spirit of the Read In Week..

“This morning, clad in my favourite Patriots jersey, I was pleased to read to Botha students about running and hockey. As well, Donalda school has invited Central Office to make a team of readers and compete with their students in a reading tournament. This week, especially, reading is centre stage throughout the school division. I would like to express my gratitude to all staff for inviting in our communities to read to our students; I know they enjoy it.” said Superintendent Barron.

The purpose of Read In Week is to create a greater awareness of the importance of reading and to instill the love of reading in everyone.

Superintendent Barron reads to students at Botha School.