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Clearview celebrates student successes!

Clearview proud to share achievement results and further improvements!

From the 2017-18 learning year, Clearview's results are in and they are very positive.  

Out of the 16 measures of success in the Accountability Pillar, Clearview improved in 14 of the success measures and also exceeded the provincial average in 11 of the 16 success measures. The emphasis on a first choice learning environment is reflected in school and division professional development, accountability measures, and expected intervention strategies for students at risk.  Areas showing very high achievement include "Safe and Caring", "Education Quality", "High School Completion", "Parental Involvement", among others.

“I am very proud of the progress and success we have made in the past year. Our staff are committed to provide high quality learning environments for our students,” comments Peter Barron, Superintendent.  "There are many reasons our schools are seeing these successes, including a strong commitment to Clearview being a "First Choice" learning environment, great staff and teachers, strong supports for those students that need it, and the many learning initiatives occurring to improve learning across the spectrum.  Clearview's successes results from hiring and inspiring great staff, and that they are supported in their focus towards the success of our students."

Evidencing the strong positive results in the Accountability Pillar, Clearview's Provincial Achievement Tests showcase the learning successes in our schools.  Comparing the 2017 and 2018 Achievement exams, Clearview saw increases in acceptable and excellence standards in Math, Science, and Social Studies.  

For High School Diploma exams, Clearview is above the acceptable provincial standards in many areas, including Math, Physics, Social and Language.  Further, Clearview saw increases in learning achievements from 2017 in Biology, Language, Math, Physics, Science and Socials.  This is the first year in over 10 years that Clearview's Diploma "Acceptable" results are above the provincial average.   

Overall, Clearview is making positive improvements in drop out rates, high school completion rates, diploma acceptable, diploma excellence, and work preparation.

For more details on Clearview's learning successes in 2017-18, please click HERE.


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