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Rock the Diploma investment shows great success!

Students are succeeding even further due to new “Rock the Diploma” program offered by Clearview.

In spring 2018, the Board of Trustees agreed to fund (without a fee to students or parents) the Rock the Diploma program in partnership with Wolf Creek.  Rock the Diploma offers an opportunity for graduating high school students to access additional exam preparation supports, including spending weekends with certified teachers who have strong experience in helping students getting ready for diploma exam success.  This program includes registration, transportation and lunch.

Ninety (90) Clearview students attended the June 2018 Rock the Diploma in Mathematics, Social Studies and Biology in Lacombe and Coronation.   

Data is showing the students who attended Rock the Diploma performed better on their Diploma Mark than those who did not attend.  There is a significant difference in Math 30-1, where students that went to Rock the Diploma got 25% higher on the exam than those who did not attend.  Biology Rock the Diploma students performed 11% higher than their counterparts who did not attend.

Clearview continues to see steady growth in Diploma exam acceptable and excellence.  In Acceptable standards, Clearview saw improvements in Math 30-2 by 20.2%, Biology by 9.5%, Social 30-2 by 3% compared to the 2017 Acceptable standards.

“The results clearly indicate our students performed extremely well in these subject areas,” shared Superintendent Peter Barron.

Scores in Math 30-1 saw a 23.4% rise in those reaching the Acceptable standard from the previous year, as well as, 7% increase in diploma exam Excellence standard.

“An interesting fact is, students who attended Rock the Diploma achieved at a 74% average on the Math 30-1 exam in June 2018 and the students who did not attend achieved an average of 49%.  This program prepares our students for these important exams,” Barron added.

Students have been positively impacted by the board’s decision to fund Rock the Diploma program.  Based on those gains, Clearview will be offering Rock the Diploma for all students writing a January 2019 diploma exam in Biology, Math 30-1 and 30-2, Social 30-1 and 30-2, with a new addition to the course offerings of Chemistry 30.

Clearview is proud of our students and their successes in Rock the Diploma, and are looking forward to a great 2018-19 year!