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2019-20 Kindergarten registrations are now being accepted

It is time for another of your child’s first milestones!  Clearview Public Schools is the first choice in education, and our schools are now taking enrolments for the 2019-20 Kindergarten programs.

Kindergarten lays the foundation for future success - both in the classroom and in life. At Clearview, we work to create a learning experience that recognizes each child's individual strengths and encourages their natural inquisitiveness, while preparing them for academic success.

Clearview Public Schools welcomes all children to a safe, nurturing learning environment that respects the uniqueness of each child. We take pride in helping students learn and explore, while they build relationships that are based on respect, honesty and integrity. Our students not only learn the skills they need to excel academically, but also develop the qualities that will allow them to become confident, compassionate citizens of the future.

We invite you to call the Clearview Public School in your area to find out more about their kindergarten registration process, the exceptional programs, outstanding teachers and unique learning opportunities.