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Board Highlights - February 6, 2019

The Board of Trustees is pleased to provide you with the highlights of our board meeting held on February 6, 2019. To view full highlights, click here.

Superintendent’s Spotlights

Superintendent Barron provided a report on the work in Clearview Public Schools which is moving our Education Plan forward and creating a “First Choice” learning environment for Clearview’s students. Spotlights included:

  • Superintendent Barron and Deputy Superintendent MacDonald met with representatives From Alberta Education to discuss our 3 Year Plan and AERR.  Many compliments on our work and queries on how we were able to improve results dramatically.

  • Towards our professional learning with school leaders and generative conversations, Dr. Adams and Dr. Mombourquette were here working with leaders.

  • Superintendent presented at the Zone 4 ASBA Trustee meeting with Wolf Creek and the success in our educational partnership.

  • Gearing up for PowerSchool transition and meeting with their transition team.

  • The second round of literacy professional learning began in January with teachers.

  • Superintendent Barron and senior leadership (with Chair Hayden and Vice-Chair Neitz) met with the school principal and colony leaders to share the learning successes of students in our schools located at Hutterite colonies.

  • Deputy Superintendent went to Red Deer College for Teacher Recruitment Day.

  • Wendy Coppock (Early Learning and Literacy Coordinator) is out at schools doing early learning and literacy support visits.  She has also been at most school councils talking about Clearview’s literacy improvements.

  • The Health and Wellness Professional Learning Committee is finalizing details to ensure a highly successful day for all staff on February 15, 2019.

  • The Numeracy Steering Committee met and determined next steps for and created a Clearview Math Continuum of Supports.

Clearview’s diploma results are very exciting!  

At the Board meeting, Superintendent Barron shared that Clearview’s Diploma marks in the acceptable range have moved up from 8th ranking to 2nd in 2017-18 when compared with our neighbouring Zone 4 school divisions (since 2015-16). When compared to other similar sized rural school divisions with fewer than 4,500 students throughout the province, in the last three years, Clearview increased its diploma acceptable range by 11.2% and went from 4th to 1st.

Similarly, the Provincial Achievement test scores have increased by 5.2% in the acceptable range, and Clearview has improved from 4th position with comparable sized divisions to 2nd.

Superintendent Barron recognizes the results are the outcome of hard work and dedication of school leadership and staff to make these improvements. Clearview appreciates all that our staff are doing to support student success.  

For the full slideshow presentation showcasing Clearview’s successes, click HERE.

Clearview continues to endorse innovative use of technology

Director of Technology Steve Meyer provided the Board with the Learning and Technology update.

Clearview continues to be a technology-rich school division.  Provincially, Clearview is recognized for its innovative use of technology and student engagement while using technology.  Clearview is a leader in one-to-one technology for students grades 3-9, makerspaces, as well as incorporating technology and art into the curriculum.

Today’s generation has seen the rise of knowledge as a key resource of the world’s economy.  In the future, Alberta’s economy will be even more knowledge-based, diverse and grounded in value-added industries.  As never before, the next generation will need to be innovative, creative and skilled in managing knowledge as a resource.  For the full Learning and Technology update, please click HERE.

MELT: Mandatory Entry-Level Training Standards

Director of Transportation Maryann Wingie reported to the Board on the Mandatory Entry-Level Training Standards (MELT) for new school bus drivers.  The training is expected to assist entry-level bus drivers to develop safe driving skills, knowledge and be aware of their duties.  The training will create a strong foundation for safe driving skills. Minimum required instruction hours of training will consist of 18.5 hours classroom instruction, 11 hours of in-yard (around the vehicle) instruction, and 24 hours of behind-the-wheel training for any incoming bus drivers.

For a presentation on the incoming MELT programming, please click HERE.

Students from Clearview set to have amazing experiences with school trips

Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus received final approval from the Board of Trustees for the Concert Band trip to Honolulu, Hawaii May 1 to 6, 2019. The group will attend a concert band clinic at the University of Hawaii and do public performances at a shopping mall, elementary school and at the USS Missouri Battleship Memorial.

Gus Wetter School was also approved for their trip to Shawville, Quebec on April 9 - 16, 2019.  The exchange program is a two-part exchange with Gus Wetter School students traveling to Quebec, who will in turn will then host Quebec students in May.