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Stettler community ready to renew running track!

Local governments come together to renew running track in Stettler.

On March 1, 2019, Clearview Public Schools, the Town of Stettler and the County of Stettler met to affirm their commitment on a hallmark investment to proceed with renewing the surface of the outdoor running and walking track in Stettler.  

The total project is projected to be $407,000 to $425,000, with a current financial commitment by the three local governments of $350,000 to $370,000.  Members of the organizing committee will now be meeting with our communities and service groups for help to generate the remaining supports needed.

The running track in Stettler is a legacy from the 1991 Alberta Summer Games.  Originally expected to last fifteen years, the current age of the track is approximately double the life it was expected to have.  

Due to the current condition of the track surface, the rubberized material has deteriorated significantly and is unlikely to withstand another year.  Without the collaboration and financial support of the three local governments, Stettler would have experienced a loss of the rubber surface on the track and a loss of the ability for the community and students to enjoy an excellent community asset.  

With a renewed track surface Stettler will be able to once again host track and field tournaments, including the opportunity to bring in people that may be interested in living in Stettler and the great surrounding communities.  All members of our communities (and students!) will be able to maintain a healthy and well lifestyle on a high-quality rubberized running and walking surface for over the next thirty years, if not longer.

As the resurfacing project is being planned for the summer or fall of 2019, any groups, individuals, or companies interested in helping to support this initiative and helping to create a lasting benefit for the Town of Stettler and County of Stettler, please contact Peter Neale (Associate Superintendent, Clearview) at 403-742-3331 or E-mail at  

Any financial help is appreciate, and charitable donation receipts are available for donations at or over $25.00. Corporate or service group sponsorship opportunities are available and will be considered on an individual basis.

For more information, please contact:
Greg Hayden, Committee Chair
Clearview Public Schools