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Board Highlights - May 22, 2019

The Board of Trustees is pleased to provide you with the highlights of our board meeting held on May 22, 2019. To view full highlights, click here.

Superintendent’s Spotlights

Superintendent Barron provided a report on the work in Clearview Public Schools which is moving our Education Plan forward and creating a “First Choice” learning environment for Clearview’s students. Spotlights included:

  • Early Learning and Literacy Coordinator Wendy Coppock presented the literacy plan at the ULead conference.
  • Deputy Superintendent presented our Health and Wellness journey at the Zone 4 Healthy Schools Wellness Conversation.
  • School Health Champions, AHS, ASEBP, a Trustee, and a FSL met to create a Clearview wellness plan.
  • Clearview is currently advertising for two principalships: Botha School and Erskine School.  
  • PowerSchool implementation is going well, and we have explored some short term opportunities for creating Clearview standards, such as absence codes and classroom attendance protocols.  We are on track to have the system go live in July with additional training opportunities for staff in August.
  • SafeArrival, which is a SchoolMessenger add-on which will allow parents to inform the school of excused absences using an automated phone line or the SchoolMessenger App on their phone, is ready.  Training is scheduled for August and we will be doing communications with parents at that time on the new tool.
  • The Stettler Elementary Gym floor is proceeding very well, and we expect to be done in June.  There should be no concerns on impacts to students or for Camp Teckla during the summer months.
  • SES is experiencing some space issues, and in cooperation with WEH SSC we will be moving four (4) classrooms currently in WEH SSC for SES use in 2019-20.

CARS program provides great supports to students

Mental Health Program Coordinator Penny Warford provided the Board with the annual update report for the CARS (Children and Adolescents being Resilient and Self Regulating) Program.  To view the full report, click HERE.

Clearview takes action to keep classroom technology current

Clearview is replacing 500 of the current inventory of Chromebook devices.  These devices are scheduled to replace part of the inventory of 1,300 chromebooks purchased in August 2015.  Also, Clearview will be proceeding with the renewal of all network switches: this equipment (purchased by Clearview approximately eight (8) years ago) is now at end of life.  The results of the request for proposals were provided to the Board of Trustees for approval.  Click HERE for the full report.

Projected (Spring) Budget for 2019-20 to continue supporting students and staff

In preparation for the June 30 deadline, Senior leadership have been engaged in budget conversations with division leaders, school leaders, and trustees since February to review opportunities and strategic initiatives for 2019-20 that will best support student success.  To move forward with the planning for 2019-20, the Board has provided the following budget directions to date:

  • Increase supports for students through increased Family School Liaison Workers supports
  • Increase Inclusive Supports allocations to schools
  • Support schools and school leaders through establishing a division principal position
  • Increase supports for professional learning that will support all staff
  • Provide a fund for staff wellness in 2019-20, continuing a focus to ensure Clearview is a first-choice employer
  • Increase central supports for Aboriginal learners
  • Ensure supports are in place for Transportation Services and Facilities Services in 2019-20

The budget process is planned to be finalized by the end of June.  Please click HERE for more information.

Fees for schools and transportation approved

Under the regulations and legislation from the Alberta Government (since 2017), each year before May 31 the Board of Trustees must review and approve fees for schools and transportation, and provide the information to the Minister of Education. The proposed schedule of fees for 2019-20 was approved on May 22, 2019.  For more information, please click HERE.

Stettler Recreation Track

The Board of Trustees supported proceeding with the resurfacing of the Stettler Community Recreation Track.  The running track in Stettler is a legacy from the 1991 Alberta Summer Games.  Originally expected to last fifteen years, the current age of the track is almost double the life it was expected to have.

The approximate cost of $400,000 to resurface the track will be done through a shared partnership between the Town of Stettler, County of Stettler, Clearview Public Schools, community services groups, and community leaders.  The Committee will continue to do fundraising to support the project, and work is expected to begin late June.  For more information on supporting the track renewal, click HERE.