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Grade 6 class connects with local government leaders!

Grade 6 students were invited to a Q & A with local government officials at the Clearview and Town office on May 23rd.

A panel of officials made up of Town of Stettler CAO Greg Switenky, Town of Stettler Mayor Sean Nolls, County of Stettler Reeve Larry Clarke and Clearview Public Schools Board Chair Greg Hayden fielded questions from grade 6 students from Stettler Elementary School.

Teacher Erin Prehn shared, “We were incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity on Thursday to meet with our local government representatives in Clearview’s and the Town's Board Room.  Our Grade 6s have been learning about municipal government in their Social Studies class and wanted to see the whole process in action. 

Learning from a textbook is valuable, but it is a whole other experience when you can connect the learning to real-life situations.  

We would like to extend our gratitude to Mayor Sean Nolls, Reeve Larry Clarke, School Board Chair Greg Hayden, and CAO Greg Switenky for taking time out of their busy schedules to allow the students to see the chambers, conduct a quick Q & A session, and of course, give the students a chance to sit in the Trustee and Town Councillors’ chairs (which was a hit!).”

Some of the Grade 6 students enthusiastically shared their thoughts:

“I loved how the council chamber was set up and the very comfy chairs that they had in a cool setting in the shape of a circle. I also liked how cooperative the council people were around us and when they answered all our questions very honestly.”  ~  Trista Street

 “We had an incredible time at the town chamber learning all about the amazing town council members. All of my classmates and I felt very "powerful" in those very comfortable chairs! We had a pleasure meeting all of you in person.”  ~  Cassie Savage

“I learned that being mayor is a secondary job. It's technically more of a part-time job. Also, Mayor Nolls said, "The town is like our bosses”."  ~  Madison Girard

“It was a delight to be in the chamber with all the officials. What they talked about was mostly review, but it was so much more interesting than reading out of our textbook. What they had to say seemed to stick in my brain. We were able to sit in the comfy councillor chairs, and it was a real treat.”  ~  Amy Aicken

“It was an interesting experience to listen to what a day for the Mayor as well as the CAO looks like.”  ~  Piper Simpson

“Going to the town office was so much fun! It was a miracle that we had all of the mains there. Speaking of them, I would like to thank our County Reeve, our CAO and our amazing Mayor, Sean Nolls for letting us come and see their amazing office!”  ~  Mackenna Hansel

Ms. Prehn’s grade 6 class from Stettler Elementary Q & A with Town of Stettler CAO Greg Switenky, Town of Stettler Mayor Sean Nolls, County of Stettler Reeve Larry Clarke, and Clearview Public Schools Board Chair Greg Hayden.