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Board Highlights - June 26, 2019

The Board of Trustees is pleased to provide you with the highlights of our board meeting held on May 22, 2019. To view full highlights, click here.


Superintendent’s Spotlights

Superintendent Barron provided a report on the work in Clearview Public Schools which is moving our Education Plan forward and creating a “First Choice” learning environment for Clearview’s students. Spotlights included: 

  • A big thank you to all of the Clearview staff for everything they do to ensure Clearview Public Schools is a great place for students, staff and our community.  It is their dedication and commitment to excellence that have created amazing learning opportunities for students.  We wish our staff a wonderful and restful summer holidays. 
  • The Superintendent shared that he completed the MS Nisku to Camrose bike ride last weekend, cycling 180 km.  In total, the fundraising of all participants totaled $1.8 million. Canada has the highest incidence of MS in the world, and instances are rising.
  • The Stettler recreation track is going well with the County and Town this week removing the rubber surface.  Playteck is expected to be on-site next week to do a site inspection, and work is being planned for the new surface mid-July.
  • PowerSchool is on track to be implemented starting August.  Additional training supports are available for staff in the August learning day, and we are looking to provide further on-site supports for schools during the start up.
  • Stettler Elementary gym floor is near completion, with the bleachers and climbing frame being installed this week.
  • The Alberta Government is proceeding with the new Education Act and regulations.  Information is continuing to be received, and there are likely several changes to our administrative procedures and Board policies that will be started in August as the actual legislation and regulations are finalized. 
  • Clearview student Jake Rock is in urgent need of a liver transplant.  Anyone interested in being an organ donor or providing financial supports can click HERE for more details.


Literacy Report Update

Early Learning and Literacy Coordinator Wendy Coppock provided the Board with the Literacy Annual Update. Clearview recognizes that literacy is at the foundation of successful learning and living: it is an active, life-long process.  Literacy education at Clearview is about helping students find ways to make sense of the world by acquiring, understanding, and communicating information in a variety of ways.  To view the full report, please click HERE.


Projected (Spring) Budget to continue supporting students and staff

The Board of Trustees approved the Projected (Spring) budget for 2018-19 with a preliminary $640,000 deficit.  In preparation for the June 30 deadline, Senior leadership have been engaged in budget conversations with division leaders, school leaders, and trustees since February to review opportunities and strategic initiatives for 2019-20 that will best support student success.  Highlights for changes in 2019-20 includes:

  • Increase supports for students through increased Family School Liaison Workers supports
  • Increase Inclusive Supports allocations to schools
  • Support schools and school leaders through establishing a division principal position
  • Increase supports for professional learning that will support all staff
  • Provide a fund for staff wellness in 2019-20, continuing a focus to ensure Clearview is a first-choice employer
  • Increase central supports for Aboriginal learners
  • Ensure supports are in place for Transportation Services and Facilities Services in 2019-20

With reductions in overall funding, the school division is committed to doing our very best to continue our work.  Students to All Staff ratios will increase to 11.8 students for each school-based staff (2018-19: 11.2).  Students to Teacher ratio will increase to 16.2 students for each school-based staff (2018-19: 15.8).  Overall, these ratios help to show that, in general, teaching staff and support staff are being maintained to the same to projected consistency in student projections.  Student success is our first priority.

Based on the Alberta Government guidelines, in 2019-20 Clearview is able to spend up to $1,820,436 on Administration Services and Governance; for the 2019-20 year end, the projected budget is estimated at $1,433,369 or $387,067 below the guidelines.

Please click HERE for more information.


Human Resources  annual update showcases our great school facilities 

Highlighting our supports to staff includes the health and wellness initiatives that have continued successfully for four years, as well as information on staffing demographics, compensation changes, staff satisfaction information, and strategic initiatives.  To access the full report please click HERE.


Board Policy Changes

The Board of Trustees approved the following changes to Board policies.  Please click HERE for details on changes.

  • Policy 3 “Role of the Trustee”
  • Policy 19 “Delegation of Authority”
  • Policy 20 “Clearview Community Awards”
  • Policy 27 “Signing Authorities”
  • Policy 30 “Facilities”