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Celebrating Our Success!

Clearview Public Schools on Friday, August 26 held a division-wide learning day welcoming all staff back for the new school year.  To see a video showcasing the successes for 2015-16 and the great things to come for 2016-17, please click HERE.

This year's focus for Clearview is "Relationships", which includes our relationships with staff, with students and with our parents.  Guest Speaker Dr. Jody Carrington provided the division keynote highlighting how to establish positive relationships which benefit students and staff.

In the afternoon, teaching staff worked with their school teams on a collaborative response model.  The model provides learning tools and processes to transform how we identify and support all students, and the teachers who work with them.  This framework ensures students in Clearview are given support to succeed. 

"The learning day really sets the tone for the rest of the year," shared Superintendent Barron. "The day was a fantastic opportunity for staff across our division and from all our schools and departments to collaborate on how to develop strong, positive relationships.  This work entrenches a culture where all our students belong and succeed.  I am looking forward to a great year."

The first day of school for Clearview is Monday, August 29.