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Enrolments Signal Great Year Ahead

Clearview Public Schools shared their first week enrolments and projections are higher than expected.  Student enrolments increased ​by ​27 students (or over 1%) from the spring projections to a current enrolment of 2,362 students.

"We anticipate​d​ being consistent with last year's enrolments," shared Superintendent Peter Barron.  "Having higher enrolments is great news, as ​more students will mean our programming and student supports can increase further in our schools.  Additional students provides for more in resources to ensure our students succeed." 

One of the largest increases observed was in the school division's ​K​indergarten and Start Right program​s​ (Pre-Kindergarten).  ​In the ​s​pring​,​ ​Clearview ​project​ed​ 167 students based on last year’s enrolments​.  Clearview is ​now ​expecting 202 students for early learning, ​which represents an increase of 21%. 

The school division’s Start Right program is designed for all children ages 3-5.  Students can also receive additional supports ​before beginning ​K​indergarten. 

“The community and division staff are working well together to support our Start Right program,” explained Superintendent Barron. “The earlier we can bring students into Clearview ​the sooner we can provide supports in areas such as reading and math, in schools where children have fun while learning."

The other significant increase in expected student enrolments is at Gus Wetter School in Castor.  Gus Wetter School is 12 students higher for a total enrolment of 241 students this year.  Much of this increase was the result of parents enrolling students in the local community school after a school closed in Halkirk. 

"We appreciate the fact that parents have chosen to enroll their children in our early learning programs and in the higher grades," states Board Chair Cheri Neitz.  "Thank-you to our great teachers and committed support staff that dedicate their time and care to our students."

For a full breakdown of the first week enrolments for each school, please see the following link:

These numbers are considered preliminary as school divisions in Alberta receive funding based on actual student enrolments on September 30, 2016.