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Clearview Enhances Learning in the Classroom!

Clearview Public Schools Provides All “Start Right” to Grade 5 Classrooms with Classroom Audio Distribution Systems.

Starting this year, Clearview provided each classroom, from their “Start Right” (Pre-K programs) and up to Grade 5, with classroom audio systems that will ensure every student in the classroom will hear the teacher clearly, whether they are near the teacher or on the other side of the room.

Mr. Grant Gosse, Director of Inclusive Learning, researched the advantages in introducing a Classroom Audio Distribution Systems (CAD) into schools.  His research revealed the following benefits to all students:

  • increased student engagement,

  • improved classroom behaviour,

  • easier deciphering of language in early learning years,

  • increased academic achievement,

  • decreases teacher vocal fatigue.

Clearview examined many audio systems, and chose the Phonak system, the one most highly recommended by experts in the field.  Phonak is a company that specializes in audio technology, including hearing aids.  CAD systems were originally developed, in part, as an assistive listening device for students who were DEAF/Hard of Hearing or had other communication challenges.

During the research, Superintendent Peter Barron spoke to an audiologist from Edmonton Public Schools on the pediatric brain and the positive effects of classroom audio distribution systems. “She shared with us that CAD systems improve a student’s understanding of speech, because they help students hear better.  Background noise is extremely distracting for students, and a good audio system helps to diminish these distractions.”

Director Gosse, after talking with teachers, notes that since the CAD systems were added, teachers are experiencing the value and benefits of the new audio systems. Teachers are able to grab students’ attention more easily.  Other teachers report students are more attentive and on task as a result of this new technology.  

The Council of School Council representatives at their meeting on September 15, 2016 were enthusiastic supporters, and expressed that their children appreciate the new audio systems in their classrooms.  

“From my perspective, providing this audio system which enhances our students’ ability to hear clearly the teacher’s voice, will certainly make a difference in student achievement,” shared Superintendent Barron.  “All of our students are helped as a result of this technology.  This initiative demonstrates that we are committed to the success of every child.”  

For further information please contact…

Peter Barron, Superintendent, 403-742-3331

Grant Gosse, Director of Inclusive Learning, 403-742-3331