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Clearview and Town Find Success in Bus Parking Pilot

Clearview Public Schools and the Town of Stettler are celebrating the success found from a shared pilot for a new initiative to improve our school bus parking.

This initiative helped us to ensure students are home on time by avoiding a single exit for all buses at Highway 12, which in prior years has created wait times of up to 15-20 minutes.  It also helped to reduce road congestion through improved parent parking in several locations, while also improving our ride times and safety for students.

Based on the success of the pilot during September, the Town and Clearview will be moving past the pilot phase and introducing this new system as the new parking plan for around the schools at the Stettler Complex.

Our next steps will include working with the schools on any further procedures needed to make this successful for our students, as well as new signage along the bus parking areas on the times.  

Further, the Town will be planning to improve the road in front of Stettler Elementary School with repaving, likely in the summer of 2017.

Parents or legal guardians who are picking students up after school are able to use any of the following:

  • Parking to the south of Stettler Elementary (where the school buses were previously parked after school) (Recommended)

  • Parking at the Tennis Courts behind the school on 48 Avenue

  • Parking at Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus’s entrance

  • Other side roads around the schools

Parents may still also use the east-side of 54 Street for student pick-ups after school, however we do not recommend this due to the high levels of vehicle traffic and student pedestrians.

Both Clearview and the Town of Stettler would like to thank staff and parents for the help and support they provided towards these improvements.  Signage will be placed along the street to remind drivers of the no-parking zones.  

For further information please contact:

Cheri Neitz, Board Chair, 403-742-0592

Peter Barron, Superintendent, 403-742-3331