1999 - Dr. Russell Schnell

Dr. Russell Schnell

Dr. RUSSELL SCHNELL was born and raised in Castor, Alberta and graduated from Gus Wetter School in 1963. He holds first class honors degree He earned his M. Sc. and then Ph. D. from the University of Wyoming, in Atmospheric Science.

Dr. Schnell has been Director of numerous major projects and scientific institutions, has lived or worked in 65 countries, and has authored more than 100 Scientific publications.

Among the significant contributions made by Dr. Schnell, or under his direction are the following:

  • Discovery of bilogical ice nuclei, first used in snowmaking, food preservation, and preserving human organs for transplant.
  • Establish the degree of pollution of Canada's north, and that Arctic Haze was air pollution from Eastern Europe and Russia.
  • Major discoveries on Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, and the ozone layer.

Dr. Schnell is married to Suan Tan-Schnell, formerly of Singapore. They have two children, Alicia and Ryan. The family now makes its home in Boulder, Colorado, but Dr. Schnell's mother Ms. Annie Schnell and sister Lorna still reside in Castor.