COVID-19 Information for Parents

For the most up to date information information on COVID-19 cases in our schools and if a school is classified as "Alert" or "Outbreak" by AHS, click HERE.

Updated information (2021-10-15)

The provincial government has updated its guidelines outlining how Alberta schools should respond to COVID-19. The province has also provided a new "Parent Guide", which Clearview Public Schools encourages families to review.

To keep students learning safely in-person, we are resuming public reporting of COVID-19 cases in schools, initiating contact notification in schools, monitoring COVID-19 outbreak definitions, and in the future will provide rapid test kits.

Clearview is proceeding as outlined in the guidelines, and is asking families to continue to monitor their children for symptoms each day.Updates for our families on COVID-19 can be found at

What is the same as last school year:

  • Parents and guardians are asked to monitor their children using the Daily Checklist from Alberta Health, and assess their child's wellness prior to attending school.
  • Individuals with COVID-19 are to stay home for 10 days.
  • Students who are not immunized and are close contacts should stay home for 14 days.
  • Students who have received partial immunization and are close contacts should stay home for 10 days.
  • Individuals with symptoms should stay home. Core COVID-19 symptoms include: fever, cough, shortness of breath and a loss of taste or smell.
  • Masking guidelines for students in grades four and up are in place in schools.

What is different this year:

  • Students who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 90 days do not have to isolate unless they have symptoms outlined in the Daily Checklist.
  • Children and youth aged 17 and under can be engaged in physical activity without masks.
  • Spectator attendance is restricted to ⅓ fire code capacity and limited to households. Attendees are to be masked and distanced.

"We're asking our families to monitor their children's symptoms each day and have them stay home if they're sick. This will help Clearview keep classrooms and schools open and keep children learning together with their teachers in a face-to-face environment," says Brenda MacDonald, Superintendent of Clearview Public Schools.

Clearview and the province are now tracing COVID-19 exposures at schools. If there are three or more COVID-19 cases in K-6 within a five day period classes can move to online instruction.

"We would rather keep everyone learning in person," says MacDonald, "but if a class or school needs to move online, our teachers and schools are well prepared. We've got this."


Taking care of our mental health

The Province of Alberta and Clearview Public Schools encourages parents and guardians to consider the mental wellness of their children.

"Please talk with your children," says MacDonald. "Let them know you are there to help them, and so are we. We have resources in place, as does the Province."

To access mental health resources at your child's school, contact your child's teacher or principal. Also consider the Kids' Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868. This provides free access to professional counseling 24/7.Another resource is, a COVID-19 Youth Mental Health resource hub.

If you need help as a parent: 1-877-303-2642. The team attending this line includes nurses, psychologists and social workers. Another resource is the AHS website Help in Tough Times and as well as the Text Hope resource, which you can subscribe to for free by texting COVID19HOPE to 393939.It offers supportive text messages written by mental health therapists.

Updated information (2021-10-07)

As you may be aware, school divisions received information from the government about updated guidelines for our schools aimed at curbing the current wave of COVID-19. More details about these guidelines will be shared from Alberta Health Services and Alberta Education to school divisions next week.

This week, the Premier, Minister of Education and Minister of Health announced new actions to manage COVID-19 in schools.These include:

Public Reporting and Contact Notification

  • Public Reporting of COVID-19 cases in schools.
  • Similar to last year: AHS will begin notifying when there has been a close contact, starting Monday, October 12. Notifications will come from Alberta Health Services to the school, and our schools will notify parents. Provincial guidelines are still being finalized. If there is a change we will communicate with you.
  • Different than last year: being notified that your child is a close contact does not mean they need to stay home. They will need to stay home only if they are symptomatic.Please seeAlberta Health Daily Checklist for symptoms. We are asking that families be diligent in monitoring their child's health everyday, and especially if notified they have been a close contact.
  • Students may need to isolate if there are three or more COVID-19 cases in a class over a five day period.
  • Clarifying COVID-19 outbreak definitions
    • AHS will be publicly reporting School Alerts (2-4 and 5-9 cases) and Outbreaks (10 or more cases) on their website. You can access the information here.

Additionally, starting October 12 for K - 6 classes, if there are three or more COVID-19 cases in a class over a 5-day period, AHS will shift students in that class to at-home learning for 10 days.

Rapid Testing for Students

In late October, voluntary rapid testing programs will also begin, starting with schools that are in outbreak status in grades K to 6.We are waiting for more information about rapid testing.Tests will only be for asymptomatic individuals and will be done at home, with self-reporting to AHS on-line.Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms must only be tested at an AHS assessment centre.

Rapid Testing and Vaccinations for Staff

The Ministers of Education and Health have sent all school divisions a letter strongly encouraging all school authorities to develop policies that require for staff and any adult who enters a school proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.The Board is currently engaging with our staff and stakeholders to consider this request before making a decision.The Government has been clear in their communications that guidelines for vaccinations do not include students.

Trusting one another is essential on our journey of success.Working together to ensure the safety and wellbeing for all, we will do this work with compassion towards students, staff, and families.We thank you for your continued support, understanding and patience.

Updated information (2021-09-29)

We would also like to address concerns spreading on social media that schools and government will be implementing a mandatory vaccination program in October.We are not aware of any plans by the Alberta Government to bring in any sort of mandated vaccination program for students. These social media posts appear designed to inspire fear and concern.

To assist in understanding the lack of factual basis for this concern, on September 25, 2021, we received communication from Andre Tremblay, Deputy Minister of Education which states:

"Alberta has no specific provincial legislation that requires K-12 students to have specific vaccinations to attend in person school. Alberta Education is not considering mandating vaccines for students in the K-12 education system."

Updated information (2021-09-15)

As you may be aware, enhanced measures were announced today by the Alberta Government.To assist our families in their understanding of these new measures as it relates to classrooms in schools, we are sharing this information tonight to help with next steps.

The following information is provided based on all available information, and further information may be provided as more information is available and we will share as possible.

For more information than detailed here, please see the following:

Needed measures - effective Thursday, September 16

  • Masking and physical distancing are needed in all indoor public spaces and workplaces.
  • Employees will need to mask in all indoor work settings, except while alone in work stations.
  • Masking for students in Grades 4 and up will be encouraged starting Thursday, and by Monday we will need all families to have mask usage aligned with Alberta Government guidelines.
  • Medical exemptions for the use of masks are available for students and staff with a medical assessment:to do so, a medical exemption form would be received by a Nurse Practitioner, Physician, or Psychologist using the following form:
  • Elementary schools to implement cohorting, as each school will determine and communicate.
  • Indoor sports, fitness, recreation, and performance activities are permitted in schools, with requirements to maintain 2 metre physical distancing where possible.
    • Masks and distancing are not required by youth under 18 while engaged in physical activity.
    • Spectator attendance restricted to 1/3 fire code capacity and limited to households or 2 close contacts for those living alone. Attendees must be masked and distanced.

Youth (under 18) sport, fitness, recreation and performance activities (Thursday, September 16)

  • Indoor group classes, training, and competitions are permitted, but participants are required to:
    • screen for symptoms
    • maintain 2 metres distancing, except youth while engaged in physical activity
    • wear a mask, except youth while engaged in physical activity
  • Spectator attendance is restricted to 1/3 fire code capacity, attendees are limited to a single household or 2 close contact if living alone and must be masked and maintain 2 metres physical distancing.
  • Outdoor activities can continue with no restrictions.

Updated information (2021-09-03)

The following guidelines (effective Saturday, September 4 and including the return to school on Tuesday, September 7) may evolve and change as continuing conditions and information is appreciated and understood.

Clearview may provide more guidance in the future as the challenges of a COVID-19 learning environment (including possible further direction by the Alberta Government) changes or more information is available.

  • Masks for students in Clearview schools are not mandatory, but are highly recommended
  • Masks for staff in classrooms are optional for the staff member.
  • Masks for staff or visitors outside of classrooms, including commons areas or in interactions with other staff, will be needed at this time.
  • Masks for staff and students will be needed for all indoor facilities (including Clearview facilities and school buses) that are not schools, as per Alberta Government guidelines.
  • For staff and students, masks are not required when outdoors, and a two metre distancing should be considered where reasonable and possible.
  • Staff will be encouraged to maintain a two metre distance from other staff as best possible.
  • Visitors to schools should be limited as best possible, and will be determined by the school.
  • Rentals of facilities and schools will be delayed until a future time.
  • School sports and field trips will be determined by the school and in consultation with families.
  • Large gatherings of students including assemblies may be limited where the school so determines.
  • Cohorting will not be required at this time, and schools should consider what cohorting may look like and how to operationalize if it becomes needed.
  • Close contact tracing and communications on positive COVID-19 cases in our facilities will follow Alberta Health Services guidelines, which at this time are not done unless determined needed by Alberta Health Services.
  • The staff Recognition Night scheduled for September 30 is still under review and further information may be available next week.


The Alberta Education 2021-2022 School Year Plan is found on the Alberta Education website. To support this Back-to-Plan we have answered some questions below.The responses are based on guidance from Alberta Education and Alberta Health Services. These questions and the responses will be updated as more information becomes available or as health guidelines change.Please see the Frequently Asked Questions and source documents below.

School Year Plan 2021-2022 Alberta Education (August 13, 2021 edition)

Guidance for Respiratory Illness Prevention and Management in Schools

Questions and Answers for School Administrators

NEW Alberta Health Daily Checklist (August 13, 2021)

Learning During COVID (Alberta Education)

Parent letter from the Chief Medical Officer of Health




1. What do parents/guardians need to know for Day 1 of school start up?

Schools start on September 1, 2021.All Grades 1 - 9 students will attend school on this day. Kindergarten students may have alternate dates and individual schools will contact parents/guardians.High schools may have alternative schedules please watch for school communication.

Alberta Education's School Year Plan is here. We anticipate receiving updated information before school starts.

2. Will AHS test for COVID-19 and follow up with COVID-19 positive people?

AHS will work with individuals that test positive for COVID-19.Parents and students may share information on a COVID-19 positive test result with your school, and Clearview is not required to provide this information to AHS.

Where staff have a positive COVID-19 test result or COVID-19 related symptoms, they are needed to ensure they inform their supervisor/school principal and the Director of Human Services.

There is still isolation for anyone with COVID-19 symptoms and for confirmed positive cases for up to ten (10) days.In the case of COVID-19 symptoms, where the students or staff member has a negative COVID-19 test result and no longer has symptoms may return to school or the workplace.

There is no longer contact tracing for staff or students in schools unless required by AHS.As such, Clearview nor schools will not normally send out communications relating to positive COVID cases unless required by AHS.

3. Will students and staff have to wear masks?

Students and bus drivers are needed to continue to wear masks on school buses at this time. This will be re-evaluated on September 27, 2021

At this time, masks are optional for students and staff. We recognize that masks provide additional protection and many staff and students will wear masks as they did last year.

4. What are some of the health precautions that we will see in schools?

Clearviewwill implement routine measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission which include having all staff and students remain at home when they are ill, enhanced cleaning of high touch areas, facilitating hand hygiene with hand sanitizer at each entrance and classroom, and we will continue to have daytime custodial staff in school until at least December.

5. Will students have a seating plan on the bus?

Students may have a seating plan on a bus and are no longer required to cohort or be with siblings; however, this year, the first one on the bus does not have to load at the back of the bus. Bus drivers may assign seats to the students during the first week of school. Students are expected to remain in their seats for the duration of the bus ride.

Enhanced safety measures such as hand sanitization and enhanced cleaning will occur on the bus.

6. Will students be cohorted during the day?

Students will no longer be required to be cohorted in schools unless required by AHS.

7. Will parents/guardians and visitors be allowed into the school?

We are eager to welcome back our parents/guardians and volunteers into our schools.Schools will determine when and which visitors will be allowed, and the process for doing so.

We ask that everyone be cognizant of the impact of extra people in each of our schools.

8. Do parents/guardians and visitors to the school need to wear masks?

There is no requirement to wear masks, and masks may be worn if this is a preference for the individual.

9. What will happen with sports, clubs and other extracurricular activities?

All activities are able to proceed without COVID-19 restrictions.

Clearview will follow guidelines that are sent out by Alberta Education and Alberta Schools' Athletic Association.

10. Will schools move to at-home learning during the year?

Students learn best when in school, including the opportunities for socialization with other students and access to activities outside of the classroom.At-home learning will not be normally available for students unless required by AHS.

We recognize that students do get sick throughout the year, as a First Choice Learning environment we will continue to provide reasonable support like we have done prior to the COVID-19.

11. Will schools be offering vaccinations?

In the document, preparing for the new school year...

  • Immunizations may be available in temporary clinics in schools for students in Grade 7 to 12 as well as teachers and staff.
  • Students under 18 will NOT be vaccinated in schools without parent or guardian consent, which will be emailed to parents in late August.Parents and guardians must return the completed consent form for the children to be vaccinated.
  • All staff and students born in 2009 or earlier can get the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • These temporary clinics are organized by AHS not Clearview.

12. What mental health/psychological supports are available for students and staff?

● Mental Health Helpline: Phone: 1-877-303-2642

● Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868

● Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) - 1-888-384-1152

● Clearview has Family School Liaison Workers (FSL's) in each building who are there to individuals and classrooms with mental health supports. Please contact your school principal for more information.

  • Each Clearview school is also supported by the Caring and Resilient Students (CARS) which is part of the Mental Health Capacity Building Project and Clearview School Division.It aims to promote positive mental health in children, youth and families.The CARS program offers universal and target programming.Please contact your school principal for more information.
  • Stettler Connects has a list of programs and services for health and well-being for Stettler.
  • Castor Community Health Services 403-882-3404
  • Coronation Community Health Services 403-578-3200

13. Are students required to write Diploma (Grade 12) and Achievement Exams (Grade 6 and 9) in 2021-2022?

  • Grade 12 diploma exams will be mandatory in the 2021-22 school year.
  • Diploma exams will be offered in every diploma course subject in November, January, April, June and August.
  • Grade 6 and 9 provincial achievement tests will resume and participation is mandatory for all schools not piloting the new draft Kindergarten to Grade 6 curriculum

14. What activities no longer have restrictions or specific guidelines?

  • Field trips
  • Performance activities
  • Physical activities
  • Visitors to the schools
  • Food services
  • Athletics
  • Ceremonies and celebratory events
15. Will school doors stay locked during the day?
  • External doors at elementary and middle schools will stay locked and all access will be monitored throughout the school day. Doors will be unlocked in the morning, during transition periods and after school. Please check with your child's school about how and when parents are permitted to access the school.

16. Will the health restrictions remain the same throughout the year?

  • AHS and Alberta Education will be monitoring theCOVID-19 situation changes, the plan includes 2 contingency scenarios similar to those implemented in the current school year that will guide K to 12 schools.
  • For more information please refer to

Alberta Education 2021-2022 School Plan

17. How do I stay connected?



Instagram: https://www/instagram/clearviewpublicschools



Clearview is committed to a First Choice Learning Environment by ensuring that our schools are safe, caring and healthy for our staff and students.We understand and respect that there are a range of opinions, emotions and concerns over a new school year with COVID-19.All of us have an important role in ensuring a safe and healthy school year. We would like to thank you ahead of time for your continued support as parents and guardians. Asparents and guardians you play an essential role as you support actions in the home (such as keeping children/students home when sick and accessing testing if symptoms develop) that ultimately keep other children, students and staff safe. As a school division, we believe in transparency and we will continue to share information and updates when they are available from the Alberta Government, Alberta Education and/or Alberta Health Services.

Please know, we will continue to monitor the situation in our schools and will work with local health officials to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our schools.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!We can't wait to have Clearview students back in our schools on September 1st with a near to normal start-up.

We wish you a wonderful school year!If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact your school for specific information regarding the start of the 2021-2022 school year!

Welcome Back!