A message to families on medical guidelines in schools

A message to families on medical guidelines in schools
Brenda MacDonald

As the Superintendent of Clearview, it has been quite a year. I would have never guessed that we would be still dealing with COVID-19 and regulations in April 2021 and like you, we are hoping this will all come to an end. We look forward to returning to a safe learning environment that does not require the medical guidelines due to COVID-19. We also appreciate the frustration our families have been experiencing.

The guidelines provided by the Alberta Government, Alberta Health, and Alberta Education help provide for students and staff to be in-school together and lowering the risk of individuals contracting COVID-19. To this balance between individual beliefs and with the guidelines provided to us, our focus is on what is best for students and what is best for our staff.

Clearview will, as we are required to, continue to follow the Chief Medical Officer of Health Ministerial Order 33-2020. We are legally and morally obligated to follow the ministerial order and medical guidelines provided to schools, which allows us to provide in-school learning while protecting the well-being of our students and staff.

If you have questions or need assistance in understanding these regulations and guidelines and how they are applied to your child(ren) or their school, I encourage you to contact the school principal for school specific information. Otherwise, I encourage you to contact your local MLA and/or your Premier to share your thoughts and questions regarding health regulations in schools - as it is our provincial government who is responsible for determining and enacting the regulations we are required to follow.

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge the dedication, perseverance, resilience and commitment that our students, staff, Board and communities have shown throughout this challenging year. I continue to hear staff express how excited they are to continue to be teaching in front of children. I am always being told about the innovative ways schools are engaging students - outdoor activities, hot dog Wednesdays, making cookies for all the students, fun days focused on student well-being and so many more. Students appreciate being with their friends and the many efforts of the teachers and staff ensuring students' days are enjoyable and are a place of learning in a safe and secure environment.

In my many meetings with school councils and Council of School Councils, I hear parents thankful that their children are in school and well cared for. Our motto "We All Belong - We All Succeed" could not hold more true than right now.

Thank you everyone for your commitment to Clearview students and learning.

Thank you for letting us do what we do best and that is teaching and learning.

In appreciation,

Brenda MacDonald, Superintendent