Clearview invites nominations for annual awards

Clearview invites nominations for annual awards
Posted on 01/17/2022


Clearview is inviting nominations for The Clearview Award of Merit and The Clearview Star Award. The awards celebrate the achievements and contributions of staff and students.

The Award of Merit celebrates the personal achievements of current or past students or staff, who have achieved excellence in a particular field at the provincial, national or international level. 

The Clearview Star Award recognizes staff and community members who have made significant contributions to our school communities through volunteerism, as a community partner, or who has supported our school at the school community level. 

“We don’t always know the difference we’ve made as individuals and communities until we take a moment to recognize the accomplishments and contributions our children make as they grow and enter the world”, says Guy Neitz, Clearview Board Chair. “In Clearview we are blessed with individuals who are making a difference in the world and our schools. These awards give us an opportunity to pause, and appreciate the importance of the work we do together.”

“We are excited to celebrate the impact of Clearview’s people,” says Brenda MacDonald, Clearview Superintendent. “Our schools are sources of inspiration and encouragement. We are thankful for the efforts of our staff and students to make a difference, and we are grateful for community members who partner with us in this work.” 

The Award of Merit was initiated in 1999. There is a list of recipients on under “Board”. The Clearview Star Award began in 2019.

The nomination package, which includes award criteria, can be found here. The deadline for nominations is March 1, 2022.