Clearview pleased with strong annual results

Clearview pleased with strong annual results
At its recent meeting, Clearview's Board of Trustees reviewed its annual report card. The Board examined and discussed

At its recent meeting, Clearview's Board of Trustees reviewed its annual report card. The Board examined and discussed Accountability Pillar results for Clearview, which are provided by the provincial government annually, and which compare Clearview's results to provincial average and to previous years' results for Clearview.

"The Board is very pleased with this report, and with the growth we've seen in Clearview Public Schools," Guy Neitz, Clearview Board Chair. "Our results are very strong. Parents and families can be assured their children are receiving a high quality education that will prepare them for successful futures."

"The Board and senior administration would like to thank everyone that contributes to the high quality learning environments in our schools," says Brenda MacDonald, Clearview Superintendent of Schools. "This report is really a measure of everyone's efforts to help our students. Thank you to educators, staff members, administrators, families, volunteers and students. Through you I can see our motto, "We all belong, we all succeed", in action. You all make a difference, and you are so appreciated!"

Because of Covid-19 restrictions, provincial standardized tests did not occur in Alberta in the 2020-21 school year. Other measures usually included in the annual report, such as surveys of staff, parents and students, were available in 2020-21. Some of the report's highlights include:

  • 84.1% school improvement (81.4% provincially)
  • 64.6% transition rate (to work or post secondary, compared to a 60% rate provincially)
  • 88.3% work preparation (85.7% provincially)
  • 91.6% safe and caring (90% provincially)
  • 87.4% 3-year high school completion rate (83.4% provincially)
  • 86.8% student learning engagement (85.6% provincially)

"These results are excellent. Yet, as a learning organization we always want to grow," says MacDonald. Plans for improvement will be reflected in the Board's annual three-year plan which is prepared every spring. MacDonald says the Board has already identified an area for growth that Clearview will continue to prioritize: work and career preparation.

"Our Board has worked extremely hard with administration to increase qualified staff who can teach courses connected to career preparation," says MacDonald. "We will be watching for evidence that our efforts are making a difference, and we will continue to look for ways to ensure our students are successfully prepared for career opportunities ahead of them."

MacDonald also identified that a priority for the 2021-22 school year will be welcoming parents back into schools as much as possible. "We recognize that it was hard on families and hard on schools last year to not be able to meet in person due to pandemic restrictions. Our schools and staff enjoy welcoming families into our schools. We hope to increase those opportunities again this year. Connections and relationships are important in Clearview Public Schools."

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