Clearview Registered Apprenticeship Program

Registered Apprenticeship Program Important for Clearview
Posted on 05/30/2023

Did you know that Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus, Gus Wetter School and Coronation School offer high school students the opportunity to participate in the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)? 

RAP is an apprenticeship program for high school students.  RAP allows high school students the opportunity to start an apprenticeship program and earn credits toward both their Journeyman ticket and a high school diploma at the same time! 

By taking a closer look at the RAP program at Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus, one quickly realizes how important this program is to the students, schools and local employers involved.  Koen Hagel, a Grade 11 student and RAP participant, has been working at Allied Vessel Fabrication over the school year and says that the RAP program is a great way to learn a trade and earn high school credits at the same time.  “The RAP program is a great option to have as it allows you to get hands-on experience and gives you a step ahead when you’re done highschool,” says Hagel.  “My goal is to pursue a dual trade ticket and because of RAP I will be well on my way to getting it!”.

RAP students are both full-time students and registered apprentices, dividing their time between an approved work site and their high school studies.  Students can earn up to 40 credits and 1,000 hours of experience towards their first year journeyman ticket.  Every 25 hours worked equals 1 credit.

"The Registered Apprenticeship Program is a fantastic opportunity for students to earn high school credits, pursue their interests, possibly get a jump-start on their career and earn some money, “ says Lorene McMillan, Career Practitioner, Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus. “Some students have had a specific trade in mind for years while others may still be exploring their options.  Either way, having a local business step up and offer these opportunities is huge for our students.  We work together to build a time-table for our RAP students that allows them to complete both their required academic courses and their apprenticeship hours.”

Working arrangements between the RAP student and employer are very flexible and accommodate both the students availability and the employer’s requirements.  Hours of work depend on the students individual situation but they could involve:

- working as a RAP student for one semester and then going to school the next semester

- working a half day, going to school the other half

- working during the summer, on holidays and weekends, and attending school during the regular term

- working one or two days a week, going to school on other days

“It's a win/win situation!” says Jordan Verhoeven, a Grade 11 student and RAP participant, currently working at FlareTech.  “You get out of regular classes and work towards your Journeyman while still in high school, which cuts down on your time after graduation.  It also helps you make sure that it’s the field you want to go into.  The apprenticeship program I have enrolled in is Welding.  I have learnt how to down-hand weld better, how to stay steadier and step my welds better.”

Students can sign up for RAP by contacting one of the coordinators at their school. During discussions with their coordinator they will choose a trade of interest and then search for a suitable employer.  Once this match has been made they can complete the necessary application forms online with the RAP coordinator.  An Apprenticeship Agreement will be put in place following discussions with the student, employer, and the school, at which point the student can enroll in one or more RAP courses.  Students are then well on their way to a High School Diploma PLUS an apprenticeship!

I’ve always been interested in mechanics so working at Romar Powersports has been a great fit and experience for me!” says RAP participant and Grade 11 student, Domonic Miles.  “I am working on small engines like motorcycles and side by sides right now.  The RAP program allows me to choose a practical option for my school spares and gives me a head-start in the workforce!”

RAP is a ‘real world’ program, where students are considered regular employees.  Students are expected to focus on learning the required skills from their employer / journeyman supervisor.  In return, the employer pays the student as a RAP apprentice, offers agreed flexibility in work hours, provides the required training, updates the apprenticeship record book and stays in touch with the school.

“The training that I’m getting and the work that I’m doing at Foremost not only helps me out now, while I’m at the farm, it also helps me gain school credits towards my diploma and working hours toward my welding ticket,” explains Coy Schilling, Grade 11 student and RAP participant. ”I’m able to make money and gain experience while still in high school!”

The following are some words of wisdom from current RAP participants to those students considering the program … 

  • “Commit to it!” 
  • “It’s a great representation of your character and will help build your reputation in the community and industry.”
  • “Employers will work around your schedule because it’s a win-win for them - they get to train a potential long term employee and often get funding towards your wages.”
  • “Try it - you have nothing to lose!”

Community partnerships are key, and RAP is just one of the many great programs offered to high school students within Clearview.  “I truly enjoy watching these students thrive in their work environment and see the positive effects it has on their education too,” says McMillan.  “Work ethic, reliability, communication, problem solving and resourcefulness are some of the characteristics I have noticed that are built."  

If you are interested in knowing more about the RAP program or other Off-Campus Learning Opportunities please contact Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus, Coronation School or Gus Wetter School.