Clearview's aspiring leaders program a success

Clearview's aspiring leaders program a success
Posted on 05/11/2022
Clearview's aspiring leaders program a success

Clearview’s senior leaders are very pleased with the results of the division’s new “Learning to Lead” (L2L) program. The program began in the spring of 2021 and has wrapped up the first year of a two year program.

“Clearview believes in growing their own leaders,” says Brenda MacDonald, Superintendent. “We recognized the need to provide a structure, or an opportunity for learning, that would give individuals a chance to grow and prepare for leadership roles. Whether the role is as principal, vice principal, in central office, or even within a teacher’s classroom, increasing the leadership skill of our educators is important for the success of Clearview’s students. That’s why we launched L2L.” 

There are 11 Clearview educators enrolled in L2L. They met twice last school year and 10 times in the 2021-22 school year. All of the meetings were online until the meeting on May 10, 2022, when the group met at Clearview’s central office in Stettler. The sessions were led by  Mark Siemens, Clearview’s Director of Human Services.

“Clearview is a special school division because of the way we care for students, teachers and all staff. We want to continue this work, and growing strong leaders is key to building that strong culture,” says Siemens.

Clearview started the L2L program to ensure future Clearview principals, vice-principals or staff leaders would feel confident and supported in their roles.


 “When I first became a principal I learned my role through doing the work,” says Siemens. “Our goal with the L2L program was to give new leaders time to prepare and to understand what they can do to positively impact students, schools and communities. We also want to help them build relationships within Clearview so they know where to get support when they have questions or want to explore their ideas.” 

Learning for the L2L group focused on the Alberta Teachers’ Association’s Leadership Quality Standards (LQS)  which contains nine basic competencies that educational leaders should exhibit in their work. 

“Building effective relationships is at the core of the LQS, and is fundamental to success as leaders. It’s the work of principals and vice principals to inspire students, staff and the community. The best way to inspire others is to understand their hopes and dreams,” says Siemens, “and that comes through building strong relationships.” 

Chelsey Murat, a teacher at Wm. E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus, appreciates the chance to have participated in L2L. “I think it is incredibly important in a rural school division to build leadership capacity in-house. I believe L2L will prove invaluable to the entire L2L group, and to Clearview in the future. Thank you to the Superintendent and the Board for investing in leadership.” 

“Going through the LQS was very beneficial,” says Murat. “I also appreciated the chance to develop relationships with the other L2L group members. It is such a collaborative and trusting group. I have learned a lot from them. I would highly recommend this opportunity to others.” 

Tracy Innes, a teacher at Brownfield School, says L2L has been very helpful. After a challenging leadership experience in another country, Innes said the L2L experience has been “encouraging and has strengthened my confidence.” She says, “Clearview is incredibly supportive and is such a great place to work. In L2L I became even more aware of the wealth of people who I can trust to help me grow as a leader.” 

Also, Innes says, “L2L reinforced to me the importance of community. Inside our school buildings is the future of any community. When leaders get to know the community and use community priorities to lead their work, students benefit.” 

“I love working with these future leaders,” says Siemens. “They are a great group of individuals and I am confident that Clearview’s future is in great hands. They are a thoughtful and passionate group.”