Clearview Star Award Winner - Darren Fleischhacker

Clearview Star Award Winner - Darren Fleischhacker
Darren Fleischhacker

Congratulations Darren Fleischhacker for being a recipient of the 2021 Clearview Star Award!

Darren truly is a teacher at heart and believes in every student that crosses his path. Darren has a special way of giving students no choice but to believe in themselves and to challenge their own limits of what they thought they were capable of. Darren's passion and commitment to the fine arts, specifically drama, is nothing short of contagious and his knowledge partnered with his enthusiasm is an incredible contribution to the school community.

"Congratulations to the Clearview STAR Award Winners! They are truly individuals who demonstrate instructional expertise, creativity, and innovation. Their compassion, standard of care, and excellence need to be commended. This is an amazing achievement! We are proud of the work you do every day!"

Brenda MacDonald, Superintendent

The Clearview Star Award recognizes staff and community members who have made significant contributions to our school communities through volunteerism, as a community partner, or supported our schools at the school community level.

Congratulations to Clearview's 2021 Star Award recipients!