Clearview Star Award Winner - Ellyn Schaffner

Clearview Star Award Winner - Ellyn Schaffner
Ellyn Schaffner

Congratulations to Ellyn Schaffner for being the recipient of the Clearview Star Award!

Clearview Public Schools is pleased to announce that Ellyn Schaffner has been selected as the 2021 recipients of the 2021 Clearview Star Award.

Ellyn is known for bringing lots of light and love to Gus Wetter School. She is a volunteer teacher for grades 1 to 6 makerspace which is an after-school computer/Ipad programming coding class. She started the afterschool program at Gus Wetter to support student learning and to help working families with after-school childcare. Ellyn also sits on our local daycare board which works with our playschool class so 3 & 4 years olds can come to playschool.

Any student that has had the pleasure of being taught by Ellyn has benefited by having a teacher who truly cares.

The Clearview Star Award recognizes staff and community members who have made significant contributions to our school communities through volunteerism, as a community partner, or supported our schools at the school community level.

Congratulations Ellyn Schaffner for being a recipient of the 2021 Clearview Star Award!