Clearview wards determined by acclamation

Clearview wards determined by acclamation
Posted on 09/20/2021
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Today (Monday, September 20) at noon, nominations closed for all six of the wards in Clearview Public Schools for the seven trustee positions in the 2021 local government elections.

Showcasing the confidence our communities and families have in their trustees, all seven positions were determined by acclamation as all nominations were unopposed.

Nominations were accepted at the Central Services office beginning January 1, 2021 until September 20, 2021 at 12:00 noon.

"I'm very proud of the work done by our Board over the past four years, and looking forward to having this strength continue with a slight change. Trustee Ken Checkel, who has held many positions in the Board over his 23 years as a trustee, including as Board Chair, is retiring. So we are welcoming and excited to meet a new trustee to the Board this year: Shauna-lee Thomas. Congratulations to all our trustees, and we wish Ken all the best."

Guy Neitz, Board Chair

Trustees, as part of the Clearview Public Schools, make vital decisions about how education is delivered in your community. School board decisions affect our children's education and the cultural, social and economic life of our local communities.

As an elected member, a trustee must balance the responsibilities and relationships inherent in their role by establishing the strategic plan and budget for Clearview as well as participate in decision-making processes and the appeal processes. Trustees also participate and communicate on committees of the Board or as Board representatives, and communicate the Board's decisions to communities such as attending school council meetings.

The Organizational Meeting to officially affirm the nominated trustees is scheduled to be held Wednesday, October 6.


The nominated candidates, all in by acclamation, are as follows:

Ward 1 Erskine, Erskine North area, and Donalda & area

Neitz, Guy Parry (incumbent)

Ward 2 Big Valley and area, as well as Erskine South area

Smyth, Kimberley (incumbent)

Ward 3 Town of Stettler (2)

Hayden, Greg (incumbent)

Scott, Becky (incumbent)

Ward 4 Botha, Gadsby, Byemoor and areas, as well as Halkirk and Halkirk West area

Schofer, John (incumbent)

Ward 5 Castor and area, as well as Halkirk East area

Grice, Erika (incumbent)

Ward 6 Coronation, Brownfield and areas

Thomas, Shauna-lee