COVID-19 Update (2021-10-07)

COVID-19 Update (2021-10-07)
Posted on 07/10/2021

As you may be aware, school divisions received information from the government about updated guidelines for our schools aimed at curbing the current wave of COVID-19. More details about these guidelines will be shared from Alberta Health Services and Alberta Education to school divisions next week.

This week, the Premier, Minister of Education and Minister of Health announced new actions to manage COVID-19 in schools. These include:

Public Reporting and Contact Notification

  • Public Reporting of COVID-19 cases in schools.
  • Similar to last year: AHS will begin notifying when there has been a close contact, starting Monday, October 12. Notifications will come from Alberta Health Services to the school, and our schools will notify parents. Provincial guidelines are still being finalized. If there is a change we will communicate with you.
  • Different than last year: being notified that your child is a close contact does not mean they need to stay home. They will need to stay home only if they are symptomatic. Please see Alberta Health Daily Checklist for symptoms. We are asking that families be diligent in monitoring their child's health everyday, and especially if notified they have been a close contact.
  • Students may need to isolate if there are three or more COVID-19 cases in a class over a five day period.
  • Clarifying COVID-19 outbreak definitions
    • AHS will be publicly reporting School Alerts (2-4 and 5-9 cases) and Outbreaks (10 or more cases) on their website. You can access the information here.

Additionally, starting October 12 for K - 6 classes, if there are three or more COVID-19 cases in a class over a 5-day period, AHS will shift students in that class to at-home learning for 10 days.

Rapid Testing for Students

In late October, voluntary rapid testing programs will also begin, starting with schools that are in outbreak status in grades K to 6. We are waiting for more information about rapid testing. Tests will only be for asymptomatic individuals and will be done at home, with self-reporting to AHS on-line. Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms must only be tested at an AHS assessment centre.

Rapid Testing and Vaccinations for Staff

The Ministers of Education and Health have sent all school divisions a letter strongly encouraging all school authorities to develop policies that require for staff and any adult who enters a school proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. The Board is currently engaging with our staff and stakeholders to consider this request before making a decision. The Government has been clear in their communications that guidelines for vaccinations do not include students.

Trusting one another is essential on our journey of success. Working together to ensure the safety and wellbeing for all, we will do this work with compassion towards students, staff, and families. We thank you for your continued support, understanding and patience.

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