January 10 Return to School info for families

January 10 Return to School - Information for families
Posted on 01/07/2022

Dear Clearview families,

We hope the holiday season has been restful and happy for you. We have missed having students in school this past week during the ‘extended winter break’, and we are eager to get back to in-person learning, where we know students have the best success.

The provincial announcement that schools will reopen for in-person learning on January 10, 2022 probably resulted in mixed emotions. Many of you, I am sure, value in-person learning and a return to school. At the same time, some families may be concerned about the COVID-19 virus and the Omicron variant, and what that means for child(ren) and their learning.

While we recognize the challenges of this circumstance, we are striving to find a balance between providing high quality learning opportunities and keeping everyone healthy and safe. Over the past week our staff have been working hard to review health and safety protocols in preparation for our January 10th return. Here are some steps we are taking: 

  • Rapid tests will be available for families who want them. We are not sure when they will arrive. Your school will communicate with you when the tests become available.  Schools will not be administering COVID-19 tests to students.

  • Wearing masks

    • The province is sending medical-grade masks to schools for students who would like them. Again, we are unsure when these will arrive. Your school will let you know when they become available

    • K to 3 masks are not mandatory but are strongly recommended

    • Grade 4 to 12 masking is mandatory - in common areas, while working with other students or with staff, and when walking around classrooms. Masks can be removed when sitting facing forward 

    • Masks can be removed when eating or drinking

    • K to 12 masks required on buses

  • Careful and thorough cleaning

    • Clearview has invested in additional cleaning staff

    • Daytime and evening custodians ensure high touch surfaces are sanitized regularly, and that deep cleaning also occurs each day

    • Staff work with students to sanitize work stations

    • Bus drivers clean buses after each ride 

  • Proper air ventilation

    • Clearview has invested in high quality air ventilation systems. The ventilation compares to N95 masks in the quality of air produced

  • Hand sanitizing

    • Staff will remind students to sanitize their hands when entering or leaving the school and classrooms

  • Having everyone in our buildings physically distance where possible

A few other important notes:

  • January diploma exams have been cancelled

  • We are waiting for more information about Provincial Achievement Tests

  • We are anticipating more information about extra-curricular activities, performance arts, and field trips

  • Alberta Health Services will not be posting outbreak schools 

It is possible that there may be staffing challenges ahead for Clearview if we see an increase in absences due to COVID-19 infections. As schools reflect what is happening in the community, there is a possibility that we may experience a situation where there is insufficient staff to provide instruction and appropriate supervision at a particular school. If that were to occur it may result in a temporary and - hopefully - short-term closure, with students moving to at-home instruction. We hope our efforts to mitigate spread in our schools will allow us to keep children learning face-to-face.

We would invite you to partner with us.

1. When your child is sick, please have them stay home. When your child has symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or loss of smell or taste, they are required to stay home and follow AHS isolation requirements. Please be vigilant in screening for symptoms each day before your child leaves for school, using the Alberta Health Daily Checklist for children under 18 years old.

2. Also, you can help us by communicating with your school if your child is sick. Especially if your child has had a positive at-home COVID-19 rapid test, please contact the school. When we find out about positive cases we will inform others who may have been exposed, as we have in the past few months. Families have expressed to us that this is helpful information that assists them in decision making. As always, we will continue to communicate with our Clearview families as we move forward.

We recognize that once again this situation may mean inconvenience and sacrifice for your family. We continue to be grateful for your understanding and support and thank you in advance for that.

Brenda MacDonald


Clearview School Division