Joan Grover appointed Principal of Colony Schools

Joan Grover appointed Principal of Colony Schools
Posted on 05/24/2022

Clearview is happy to name Joan Grover as the Principal of Clearview’s Hutterite Colony Schools. Grover became Acting Principal of Colony Schools when former Principal Tim Croker retired in December 2021. Clearview has now approved Grover as the Principal.

“Joan has been a well respected and excellent teacher in our Colony schools for many years,” says Daram Van Oers, Clearview Deputy Superintendent.  “Her background and experience in our Colony schools, along with her commitment to ensuring quality education for her students will serve her well in her leadership role to ensure ongoing success for our Colony schools and Clearview Public Schools.”

Grover has been an educator for 34 years, 30 of which have been spent in Clearview. Grover has been a colony school teacher for 25 years.

“For many years I have enjoyed working with the students, families and Hutterite community members,” says Joan Grover. “I am happy to continue my work, and am excited to get to know more students, staff and communities. Also, I appreciate having a chance to get to know other principals and vice principals in Clearview and to learn from them. The challenge of leadership has been really good for me. Thank you to Clearview for this opportunity.” 

Clearview has 10 Colony Schools and 174 students attending Colony schools.