Message from the Board - Beginning of School Year

Message from the Board - Beginning of School Year
Posted on 09/01/2021
Board Highlights

To our Clearview families,

There have been several considerations brought forward by our school staff and families on the opportunity for a staggered start to the school year, where students are not all in school starting September 1, 2021 and instead have different starting days. This provided some great conversations and considerations on what is best for students. Last year, the Board approved schools to administer a staggered start option to get students accustomed to the new health regulations (masking, cohorting, social distancing and hand sanitizing), and many schools found the staggered start to be a positive way to start the school year.

To ensure all voices are heard and considered, the Board of Trustees met yesterday in a special meeting. Recognizing there are some benefits to a staggered start, for 2021-22 it was felt the best educational choice for the benefit of our students will see September 1, 2021 be the start to the school year for most of our students (as was approved in February 2021).

The Board of Trustees heard the rationale for a staggered entry for schools and believe the September 1, 2021 start for all students is the best choice, with the exception of William E. Hay Stettler Secondary Campus who will continue as in previous years.

While the determination was to continue the current learning calendar for 2021-22, the Board is committed to consult with families, staff, and students about future learning calendars, including the topic of staggered starts, during the next calendar consultation process beginning later this year for the 2022-23 school calendar.

The Board of Trustees would like to extend a warm welcome back to students and staff and is looking forward to the new school year.