School buses not operating (2022-12-02)

School buses not operating (2022-12-02)
Posted on 12/01/2022

Based on the current and forecasted temperatures for severe weather conditions, school buses operated by Clearview Public Schools will not be in service on Friday, December 2. 

The decision not to operate school buses is the result of current cold conditions indicating the air temperature is colder than -35 degrees celsius or when the temperature, taking into consideration wind speed, exceeds -40 degrees celsius.  To calculate the temperature taking into consideration wind speed, click HERE.

School buses will not operate for morning and afternoon services, as well as any planned field trips.

When most or all school bus services are suspended, all schools shall normally remain open to students which may be determined otherwise by the Superintendent or designate.  All Clearview staff members are expected to report to work where it is safe to do so.  At this time all schools are expected to be open: where schools are not operating, a message will be sent by the Superintendent or designate confirming this.

All students attending school are required to be prepared for severe weather conditions, and shall carry with them appropriate winter footwear, outerwear, including headgear, and gloves or mitts.

To review Administrative Procedure 132 - Severe Weather Conditions, please click HERE.